1/2" IGUS Eyelet Bushing

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Harder wearing upgrade for Modern Manitou, Modern RS, Fox, 5th Element, Marzocchi & Stratos Rear Shock Eyelets 1/2" ID x 1/2" Wide.  Available with shock eyelet pressing or complete custom fitted shock hardware.



IGUS advanced polymer bushings from Germany are stronger and longer-lasting than standard DU bushings.  They're the ideal solution for bikes that are hard on shock pivots.  But do require a hard and smooth pin to pivot on.

Shock Eyelet Pressing
Shockcraft offers a pressing service using our custom tools, which remove and install bushings and bearings without damage to your shock.

If you'd like us to replace the bushings in your rear shock eyelet, simply also purchase Shock Eyelet Pressing.  You will receive an order confirmation email with details on where to send your rear shock for its service.  Turn around time is 2 to 3 days.