Corset for Fox FLOAT Rear Shocks (Vorsprung)

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Vorsprung Corset air sleeve with higher volume negative
Fits Fox FLOAT and DHX Air rear shocks
Requires grease and air chamber lubricant (Float Fluid or RWC APL) to install

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Regular Price: $199.00

Special Price $99.50



The Corset from Vorsprung Suspension increases negative air volume in Fox rear shocks.  This greatly improves the two main issues with air springs: a high starting preload and a weak mid-stroke.  The extra negative volume lowers starting preload and initial spring rate.  The reduced initial spring rate allows better mid stroke support with improved small bump sensitivity.

Corset fitment requires the correct size shaft head (Standard vs High volume) and the correct length/stroke for your existing shock.

Shock i2i Length is measured from centre of pivot bolt to centre of pivot bolt (or end of boss for Specialized Yoke shocks).
Shock Stroke is determined by i2i length with only a few varitions (i.e. 50 and 57mm stroke available in 200mm i2i).

Shaft Head Size
Standard (SV) shocks measure 46 mm at the widest point of the air-can just below the threads.
Large (LV, HV or XV) measure 52 mm at the widest point of the air-can just below the threads.