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Custom Fork Build

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Custom built forks based on the Manitou 32 mm chassis to fit difficult combinations of wheel size, steerer size, axle size
Available with coil or air springs
Various travel options
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Shockcraft can custom build forks based on the Manitou 32 mm chassis to fit difficult combinations.

Within reason we can mix and match wheel size, axle type, steerer size and spring/damper types to create a combination that will work.

Wheel Sizes:
26", 27" (aka 27.5 and 650B) or 29"

Steerer Tube Sizes:
1.125" (28.6mm) straight or 1.5-1.125" tapered

Axle Sizes & Types:
9 x 100 mm QR, 15 x 100 mm QR, 15 x 100 mm Tooled, 20 x 110 mm Tooled

Spring Types:
Air spring, Coil spring or Coil with air preload

Up to 140 mm

Manitou ABS+ fully tunable from LSC to lockout or Kwik Toggle 1/4 turn lockout

A range of compression tunes are available in ABS+ to suit the spectrum of rider weights and terrain, from light riders through XC and trail to jump bike specific.

Rebound damping can also be internally tuned to the rider's weight and spring rate.