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How to Tune Rebound Damping & Bike of the Month

Posted in News Bike of the Month Technical Articles By Shockcraft  6 October 2017 12:14:55 pm NZDT

Carbon Corrosion

Carbon Fibre is so hot right now. But it has a scary side. Everyone knows that dissimilar metals cause the least noble one to corrode (okay, maybe just everyone who has a periodic table on their mouse pad). But not everyone knows that Carbon Fibre conducts electricity just like a metal and causes exactly the same corrosion problems.
Carbon Corrosion
So if you have an unprotected alumimium seat-post in a carbon frame, you need to pull it out right now and grease it up. Carbon Paste is ideal but any layer of grease will help. Without it the carbon causes the aluminium to corrode and swell up, locking an expensive dropper post into an even more expensive carbon frame. Forever!

The above picture is of a RockShox Reverb which wouldn't come out with a slide hammer and eventually yielded to a vise.

We have Motorex Carbon Paste on the way, but it's coming sea-freight so give us a few months.

Tuning Rebound Damping (LSR & HSR)

Tuning Rebound DampingYou've already set up the correct spring rate from last time. You've dialled in ride height too. So now we can discuss damping.

To Damp is to Decrease AMPlitude. Ensuring that each cycle of motion is less than the last. Not to be confused with "Dampen" which is to make wet. Damping is a necessary thing to control motion and stop you getting bounced off the trail. But it's a fine line. Too little damping and a bike can feel unstable. Too much and it can feel dead and cost you traction.

Read on here to find out how to tune rebound damping.






Bike of the Month - September 2017

This time around we bring you a De Vinci belonging to Tony from Bike It Now in Clyde. This bike has what was our Magnum/Mattoc Boost demo fork on the front but now it's a permanent fixture, and the Fox has been evicted for good.
Bike of the Month






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