Eel Bearing Grease (Shockcraft)

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5 cc syringe of thick and sticky Eel Bearing Grease for headsets & suspension bearings


To complement our existing bearing range Shockcraft has a new range of bearing greases targeted at specific applications, making your pre-emptive, periodic and reactive maintenance even easier.  The greases are delivered pre-packed in dispensing syringes with reusable screw-locking caps to keep the grease and your toolbox clean.

Eel Bearing Grease is coloured deep blue.  It is thick, strong and sticky; ideal for pivot bearings, headset bearings and those who like to ride rather than carry their bike through water.  This grease is the ultimate in bearing protection, but too much in your wheel or bottom bracket bearings will slow you down.

Due to air pockets that form during packing, each 5 cc syringe contains approximately 4.5 cc of grease.