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Manitou Dorado 2009-19 (36 mm)

The 2009 Dorado was a brand new design with bigger stanchions and a new open-bath TPC+ damper design with externally adjustable HSC and LSC along with rebound.  Hydraulic Bottom Out was added internally and travel could be set internally between 180 and 200 mm.  A completely new air-spring was developed, "Dorado Air", with positive and negative chambers self balancing when the pump is connected.  Weight was greatly reduced and stiffness greatly increased.

In 2010 the Dorado was released with aluminium upper tubes offering Pro and Expert levels.
Mattoc 3

Fork Details & Identification:




36 mm aluminum,
Gold or Black anodised


Dorado 2009 Carbon
2010-2019 Alloy Pro & Expert Models

Dual Crown Inverted (USD) downhill fork

Crown & Uppers

2009 Carbon
2010-19 Black aluminium, but some gold, red or blue for special release


2009 Carbon
2010 Aluminium




Open bath Manitou TPC+ with adjustable HSC, LSC (TPC+) & LSR
Hydraulic bottom out and top-out control.

Wheel Size

26 x 3.0" 690 mm max
27 x 3.0" 694 mm max
Same parts, different lower crown height

29 x 3.0" 752 mm max with different spring and damper shafts to 26/27" version


Dorado air spring with self balancing positive and negative chambers

IRT dual positive chamber optional

& Travel

26 & 27" 180-203 mm internally convertable

29" 180 mm using different spring & damper shafts


Tall crown for 139-184 mm head-tubes
Flat crown for 115-160 mm head-tubes


Direct Mount Stem
4x M6 bolts on 30 x 50 mm square pattern


2009 versions had bolt-on brake adapters for 51 mm IS or 74-203 mm post mount

One piece 74-203 mm brake adapter dropout and black stanchions available from 2013

27" version has larger range for lower crown position


All upgrades are compatible with all prior versions

Expert forks differ from Pro Spec with crown machining, lower leg material and factory installed options


Make your Dorado even better with these upgrades.  Purchase either with a Shockcraft service or for DIY installation.  Pricing is provided at links below.

Upgrade Kit

Manitou Racing Development (MRD) Upgrade kit including TSR Bleeder Caps, IRT air spring upgrade and MRD wiper seal kit
Learn More


Push buttom bleeder caps to release internal gas buildup from oil breakdown under hard use.  Recommended to prevent seal blow-outs.
TSR = Trail Side Relief

Dual Chamber

Dual chamber air spring upgrade.  Gives you two independent air chambers and control over the shape of the air spring curve and mid-stroke support.  One valve for small bumps, one valve for big bumps.
IRT = Infinite Rate Tune

Engineered Tune

A compression and rebound damping tune developed just for you.  Involves machining modifications and reshimming of the three pistons (1 rebound and 2 compression).  Can be done as part of service or by sending in rebound and compression piston assemblies.



Maxima 5 wt fork oil in damper - 110 mm oil height with leg compressed
Motorex 5W40 Semibath Air side bath - 30 cc
Motorex 5W40 Semibath air piston - 10 cc

Shockcraft Recommended

Motorex 2.5 wt fork oil damper side oil bath.  110 mm oil height (leg compressed)
Motorex Fully Synthetic or Supergliss 30 cc air side bath oil
Slickoleum - air piston & seals

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  1. 20x110 mm Through Axle 2008+ (Manitou)


    Available on backorder

    20 mm Hex-lock through axle for Minute/Drake/Circus 2008+, Dorado 2009+
    Also fits 2006+ Manitou Travis
    Interchangable with 83-2966
    Hex measures 21.7mm A/F non-disc side and 18.3mm A/F disc side.
    Silver Colour with Black cap.
    Manitou Part Code: 141-23995

    Learn More
  2. Air spring compression rod & end cap assembly for Dorado forks 2009 onwards Fits 26" and 27" wheel sizes Manitou Part Number: 141-25983 Learn More
  3. Dorado 2009 & Later Rebound Shaft Assembly (Manitou)


    Available on backorder

    Rebound damper shaft, piston & end cap assembly for all Dorado forks from 2009 onwards Fits 26" and 27" wheel sizes Manitou Part Number: 141-24102 Learn More
  4. Fits all Manitou Dorado from 2009 onwards 1.125" straight steerer tube Pro model has more machining and lighter weight than Expert crowns Manitou Part Code: 141-25987 Learn More
  5. Fits all Manitou Dorado from 2009-2018 onwards
    Pro model has more machining and lighter weight than Expert crowns
    Manitou Part Code: 141-25990

    Learn More
  6. Dorado 2009-2018 Pro Upper Crown Tall (Manitou)


    Available on backorder

    Fits all Manitou Dorado from 2009-2018 onwards
    Pro model has more machining and lighter weight than Expert crowns
    Manitou Part Code: 141-25988

    Learn More
  7. Fits all Dorado forks from 2009 to 2015 which require a bolt on adapter (2016 Dorado forks have integral brake mount) Manitou Part Number: 141-23817 Learn More
  8. Cable guide kit for Dorado 2009 & Later forks Manitou Part Code: 141-24121 Learn More
  9. Full seal and o-ring kit to overhaul Dorado forks from 2009 onwards Manitou Part Code: 141-25995 Learn More
  10. Dorado Frame Bumper Kit (Manitou)


    Last One Left

    Frame bumper kit for Dorado 2009 & Later forks Manitou Part Code: 141-24116 Learn More
  11. Dorado IRT Kit (Manitou)


    Available on backorder

    Dorado IRT (Infinite Rate Tune) upgrade assembly Fits all Manitou Dorado forks 2009 onwards Easy installation in place of lower leg air cap Includes instructions & pressure guide Manitou Part Code: 141-32668-K005 Learn More
  12. Replacement lower leg guards to fit Dorado forks 2009 onwards Manitou Part Number: 141-28073-K003 Learn More
  13. Dorado MRD Upgrade Kit (Manitou)


    Last One Left

    Manitou Racing Development (MRD) Upgrade kit.
    Fits Dorado 2009-2019
    Includes Dorado Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) air spring upgrade kit, Trail Side Relief bleeder caps
    & high performance MRD wiper seals

    Manitou Part Code: 141-32409-K001

    Learn More
  14. Dorado Pro 29" Decal Kit (Manitou)


    Last One Left

    Replacement decal stickers for Dorado Pro 29 forks Manitou Part Code: 141-28073-K002 Learn More
  15. Dorado Pro Bleeder Caps Kit (Manitou)


    Last One Left

    Trailside Relief press-button bleeder caps Fit all Dorado forks 2009 onwards Manitou Part Code: 141-32668-K006 Learn More
  16. Dorado Pro Schrader Cap (Manitou)


    Last One Left

    Centre air cap for Dorado forks 2009 and onwards Manitou Part Code: 141-25993 Learn More
  17. Motorex 2.5 wt fork oil - 15 cSt @ 40°C

    Available in 250 ml or 1 L bottles
    Also available at a lower price in 1 & 4 litre refilled bottles

    Learn More
  18. Try our simple fork oil selection charts to find out which oil you need for your brand of fork, terrain, climate and riding. Learn More
  19. Motorex Fully Synthetic lubricating oil for air pistons and suspension forks lower leg bushings.
    Manitou use this exact oil as Semi-Bath fork lubrication.

    5W40 grade
    88 cSt @ 40C
    Pour Point <-50C

    This is a slightly less awesome lubricant than Motorex Supergliss but works over a wider temperature range and is better in the cold.

    Learn More
  20. Fits all Manitou Dorado from 2009 to 2019
    36mm stanchions
    Contains dust wipers, oil seals and retainer clips

    Manitou Part Code: 141-25239

    Learn More
  21. A fully engineered damper tune for Manitou Dorado forks 2009-2019
    Involves rider and bike weights/dimensions, calculations and machining of three pistons, shimming as required

    This product can be added to a Dorado fork service (Book Here)
    This product is also for tuning damper assemblies only, without fork service
    Applicable to Manitou Dorado 2009-2019
    Available only from Shockcraft

    Learn More
  22. Full service pricing for Manitou Dorado
    Includes labour, consumables, wiper seals and fluids
    Excludes repairs & repair parts

    Standard Service - service for forks which are in good condition
    Complicated Service - service for forks requiring a full strip down and clean out for fluid spec change or contamination (2009-19 Dorado forks only)

    Select upgrade options to view pricing
    Upgrades are only available for 2009-19 Dorado forks Learn More
  23. Piston Band glide ring for Dorado 2009-2018
    Blue turcite
    16 mm OD
    2.8 mm tall
    Manitou Part Code: 072334

    Piston not included (Manitou Part Code: 072331-F002)

    Learn More
  24. Rebound Piston for Dorado 2009-2018
    Blue aluminium 15 mm OD, 8.8 mm tall
    12 holes
    Manitou Part Code: 072331-F002

    Turcite Glide Ring not included (Manitou Part Code: 072334)

    Learn More
  25. Motorex Polar Lube Oil for extreme cold condition lubrication
    Fully synthetic
    0W40 grade
    76 cst @ 40°C
    Pour Point < -50°C

    Learn More

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