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Manitou Magnum 2017

The Magnum (2017) was Manitou's first Boost fork and was built on the 34 mm Mattoc platform.  It was designed to take up to 3.4" plus-sized tyres in 27+ and 29+ sizes.  The 27+ version could also take 29" normal width (up to 2.5") on boost wheels.  OEM versions were fitted to Specialized and Trek plus sized bikes with various custom options.
The Magnum has a firmer compression tune than the Mattoc forks due to the lower shaft speeds expected with 3+ inch wide tyres.  Those running normal tyres may want a revalve.  We can do this with a "shim shuffle" during service.

From 2018 the Magnum range was absorbed into the Mattoc range.

This fork is not related to the 1995 Magnum or 2001 Magnum.
Mattoc 1

Fork Details & Identification:




34 mm Gold


Magnum 27+/29" and 29+
Comp or Pro

Crown & Lowers



2018 they became Mattocs


Large Manitou graphic & M on other leg


Pro - Manitou MC2 with adjustable HSC, LSC, HBO and LSR

Comp - Manitou ABS+ with adjustable LSC and LSR

Wheel Size

Boost 27+ (also fit 29") with 110x15 axle
Boost 29+ with 110x15 axle


Pro - Dorado air spring with self balancing positive and negative chambers
Comp - TS Air spring with coil negative.

Configurations & Maximum Travel

Boost 27+/29" 140 mm
Boost 29+ 120 mm


Make your Magnum even better with these upgrades.  Purchase either with a Shockcraft service or for DIY installation.  Pricing is provided at links below.

High Flow Piston
(Pro only)

These pistons greatly increase oil flow on sharp impacts and on very rough ground at speed, increasing reaction speed, removing high speed harshness and allowing more compression damping to be run

Rate Tune

Adds a second individually tunable air chamber to the positive air side of Magnum forks


Internal seal upgrade to reduce bath oil migration.
Included in Shockcraft Full Service.


Low friction seals with foam rings for all Manitou 34 mm forks



Maxima 5 wt fork oil in damper - 75 mm oil height Pro, 87 mm Comp
Motorex 5W40 Semibath lower leg - 15 cc per side
Slickoleum - air piston & seals

Shockcraft Recommended

Motorex 2.5 wt fork oil or Hot Oil Pink damper oil
Motorex Fully Synthetic or Supergliss lower leg bath oil
Slickoleum - air piston & seals