We're excited to announce the launch of Biken Distribution.
Biken has grown from all the brands and products at Shockcraft that aren't strictly suspension, and includes a special focus on quality kids' MTB products.  Visit Biken


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  1. Try our simple fork oil selection charts to find out which oil you need for your brand of fork, terrain, climate and riding. Learn More
  2. Motorex Fully Synthetic lubricating oil for air pistons and suspension forks lower leg bushings.
    Manitou use this exact oil as Semi-Bath fork lubrication.

    5W40 grade
    88 cSt @ 40C
    Pour Point <-50C

    This is a slightly less awesome lubricant than Motorex Supergliss but works over a wider temperature range and is better in the cold.

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  3. Hot Oil Green 250 cc for rear shocks and fork cartridge dampers
    18-19 cSt @ 40°C

    Learn More
  4. Hot Oil Pink 250 cc for rear shocks and fork cartridge dampers
    14 cSt @ 40°C

    Learn More
  5. Motorex Polar Lube Oil for extreme cold condition lubrication
    Fully synthetic
    0W40 grade
    76 cst @ 40°C
    Pour Point < -50°C

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  6. 4 ounce tube of Slickoleum assembly grease Learn More
  7. Motorex SuperGliss lubricating oil used for lubricating fork lower leg bushings and air chambers.
    Supergliss 100K is 100 cSt @ 40°C
    Supergliss 68K is 68 cSt @ 40°C
    Supergliss 32K is 32 cSt @ 40°C

    Always respect the manufacturers oil volumes.  Do not use Supergliss in fork dampers.

    Perfect replacement for:
    Manitou Semi-bath oil
    Rockshox 0W30 oil
    Fox 20 wt Gold oil &
    fork oils used as bushing lube or bath oil

    Learn More

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