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Service & Replacement Parts

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  1. 8 mm Crush Washer
    11mm OD, 1.6mm thick.
    Fits Fox, Rockshox & other forks.

    Sold indvidually. Learn More
  2. SKF seal head upgrade/replacement for RockShox charger 1 dampers
    Fits Pike, Lyrik & Boxxer forks, both RC & RCT3 with Charger 1
    Upgrade for early Pike forks built with Trelleborg seal head.
    Replacement part for seal head on later model Pike, Lyrik & Boxxer forks

    SRAM Part Code: 11.4015.353.030 Learn More
  3. Spare pair of 8 mm crush washers for RockShox & Fox forks Protect lower legs from foot nuts/bolts These are sacrificial and should be replaced whenever fork foot nuts/bolts are removed Learn More
  4. Spare Pair of crush washer retainers for RockShox forks. Fits with 8mm crush washers Learn More
  5. Fork Service Kit for RockShox 35 mm Forks

    From: US$1.22

    To: US$330.02

    Fork service kit containing fork seal kit (select either SKF or SRAM), fork oil, bushing lubricant, Slickoleum assembly grease, oil syringe & optional seal press tool Learn More
  6. Fork Service Kit for RockShox Pike Forks

    From: US$1.22

    To: US$336.73

    Fork service kit containing full rebuild kit (SRAM) or fork seal kit (select either SKF or SRAM), fork oil, bushing lubricant, Slickoleum assembly grease, oil syringe & optional seal press tool Learn More
  7. Individual volume spacer for Rockshox 35mm forks (Pike, Lyrik, Yari etc) with solo air spring (no travel adjust).
    SRAM Part Code (for pack of 10): 11.4018.032.001

    Learn More
  8. Single foam ring for RockShox 35 mm stanchioned forks Learn More
  9. SKF Low Friction Flangeless Fork Seal kit for RockShox 35 mm forks Learn More
  10. RockShox 35 mm Fork Seal Kit (SRAM)

    From: US$2.44

    To: US$30.14

    Original RockShox 35 mm fork seal kit. Fits RockShox Boxxer (2010+), Domain Dual Crown, Lyrik & Pike (2014+) forks Learn More
  11. Charger Damper Bleed Kit
    For all Rockshox Charger 1 & Charger 2 dampers in Pike, Lyrik, Boxxer etc
    Kit includes 240 ml 3wt suspension fluid, one syringes and bleed fittings for Charger 1 (unique) and Charger 2 (M5)
    Will also work for IFP bleed of RS Monarch.

    SRAM Part Code: 00.4318.007.000 Learn More
  12. RockShox Charger Rebound Knob (SRAM)


    Available on backorder

    Rebound knob and foot bolt kit for RS Boxxer.
    Also fits Pike & Lyrik.

    SRAM Part Code: 11.4015.404.026

    Learn More
  13. RockShox DebonAir V2 Air Shaft Upgrade (SRAM)

    From: US$49.42

    To: US$64.70

    Debonair name was used in Solo Air Lyrik and Yari forks in 2018.  We call this Debonair V1.
    Debonair V2 was introduced for MY 2019.  It features shafts with higher negative air volume and lower friction than previous Solo-Air air spring shafts.  Visible differences are the red flat seal-head, plastic moulded grey or black piston and removable shaft foot.
    This bigger negative volume and lower friction gives you better small bump response and lets you run more air pressure for more mid stroke support.  They are a bolt-in upgrade, but only fit solo-air forks.  Debonair V2 shafts are also available in different lengths if you want to change your fork travel.  Select the correct one for your forks.

    These are available for self-install or can be installed as part of a Shockcraft service.

    We stock 160 mm Debonair shafts.  Other sizes available approx 2 days lead-time. Learn More
  14. Schrader Valve Core with short 16 mm length
    5V1 thread
    Part Code: 98-30474

    Learn More

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14 Item(s)