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Upgrades & Tuning

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  1. Fork Bushing Burnishing (Shockcraft)

    From: US$25.19

    To: US$39.58

    Final sizing and tolerancing of fork bushings to ensure minimal friction and maximum performance.  Cures issue of friction and stiction to improve small bump control.  Also reduces break-in time of a new fork to zero.
    Burnish sizes are carefully chosen to provide maximum oil film thickness without any knocking or noticable play.

    Available immediately for 30 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm and 36 mm forks.  Other sizes will have a slight delay as we manufacture tooling.

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  2. Fork Silent Treatment (Shockcraft)

    From: US$125.95

    To: US$140.34

    Permanent repair of creaking and ticking noises from fork crowns.  Also improves fork stiffness.  Shockcraft have the technology and understanding to dismantle and reassemble fork crowns for permanent creak repair.

    Note that damaged crowns will be rejected.  This is not a repair for parts stretched or bent.

    Available immediately for RS Pike 35 mm, RS Lyrik 35 mm, Fox 36 mm, Fox 34 mm, Manitou 34 mm and Manitou 32 mm forks.  Other sizes will have a slight delay as we manufacture tooling.

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  3. Adapter for installing 2014+ RS Pike/Lyrik Solo Air Luftkappe for A2 chassis Pike into 2018 RockShox Pike with B1 chassis.

    Note 29+ Pike (2017/18) is built on the Lyrik/Yari B1 chassis and does not require this adapter.

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  4. Vorsprung Luftkappe air piston with higher volume negative
    Fits 2014-2017 RockShox Pike & Lyrik forks
    Fits 2018+ Lyrik & Yari
    Fits 2018+ Rockshox Pike with an A2 Adapter.
    Not compatible with Debonair V2 or V3 shafts.
    Requires 10 mm shaft clamp to install
    Can be installed as part of any Shockcraft service (book here)

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  5. Individual volume spacer for Rockshox 35mm forks (Pike, Lyrik, Yari etc) with solo air spring (no travel adjust).
    SRAM Part Code (for pack of 10): 11.4018.032.001

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  6. SKF Low Friction Flangeless Fork Seal kit for RockShox 35 mm forks Learn More
  7. Charger 2.1 Damper Seal-Head.
    Also fits Charger 2.0 damper
    Red colour and lower friction seal than previous
    Use for repair or service.

    SRAM Part Code: 11.4018.107.000 Learn More
  8. RockShox DebonAir V2 Air Shaft Upgrade (SRAM)

    From: US$58.30

    To: US$81.47

    These are only available for Pike, other applications have been superceeded by the Debonair C1 (V3).


    Debonair name was used in Solo Air Lyrik and Yari forks in 2018.  We call this Debonair V1.
    Debonair V2 was introduced for MY 2019.  It features shafts with higher negative air volume and lower friction than previous Solo-Air air spring shafts.  Visible differences are the red flat seal-head, plastic moulded grey or black piston and removable shaft foot.
    This bigger negative volume and lower friction gives you better small bump response and lets you run more air pressure for more mid stroke support.  They are a bolt-in upgrade, but only fit solo-air forks.  Debonair V2 shafts are also available in different lengths if you want to change your fork travel.  Select the correct one for your forks.

    These are available for self-install or can be installed as part of a Shockcraft service. Learn More
  9. RockShox DebonAir V3 Seal Head Upgrade Kit (SRAM)

    Contains a new seal-head and shaft foot to upgrade Debonair V2 (MY2019 or 2020)  to Debonair V3 (MY 2021)
    This kit only works on Debonair 2 shafts, identified by a moulded plastic black or grey air piston (visible down the top of the stanchion).
    It is not compatible with earlier Solo Air shafts or Debonair v1 (wich had a silver bolt visible in the top of the air piston).

    Fits Pike, Revelation, Lyrik and Yari with Debonair V2 air shafts.

    SRAM Part Code:  00.4020.573.000 Learn More
  10. Debonair V3 (RS calls it Debonair C1) is a new design for mid 2020 release to make bikes ride higher in the travel and use travel more easily.
    It is identified by a longer red shaft foot and a red base-plate which is hollow underneath.

    These are available for self-install or can be installed as part of a Shockcraft service.  Sizes are specific to each model, generation and travel of fork.

    All sizes ordered in from supplier upon customer order.  Usually available approx 2 days lead-time.

    V3 are no longer available for Rockshox Pike A1-A2, use RockShox DebonAir V2 Air Shaft Upgrade (SRAM)

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  11. Vorsprung Smashpot coil conversion system for Rockshox Lyrik & Yari forks
    Fits Rockshox Lyrik, Yari, Some Pike & Revelation forks with 35mm stanchions and M32.5 x0.5mm top-caps (fine thread)
    M32.5x1.0 (Coarse thread) kit for Non Boost Pike available on request.
    Includes adjustable hydraulic bottom-out system
    Spring rates available from 30-80 lb/in.
    Requires strip down, tools and oil to install
    Can be installed as part of any Shockcraft service (book here)

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