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Rockshox Charger Dampers & Tuning

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  1. Unharsh damper modification and custom tuning for Rockshox Charger Damper forks:
    Charger 1, 2 & 2.1 generations
    RC, RC2, RCT3 etc variations
    SID, Pike, Lyrik, Boxxer etc.

    Also available for RockShox Yari with purchase of a new Charger 2.1 damper (contact us for pricing)

    Send us your fork or damper and we will modify and tune it to your weight and riding style.  This service reduces harshness while increasing support and compliance.

    Includes labour, consumables and fluids for dampers in good working condition.
    Excludes repairs & any additional repair parts Learn More
  2. SKF seal head upgrade/replacement for RockShox charger 1 dampers
    Fits Pike, Lyrik & Boxxer forks, both RC & RCT3 with Charger 1
    Upgrade for early Pike forks built with Trelleborg seal head.
    Replacement part for seal head on later model Pike, Lyrik & Boxxer forks

    SRAM Part Code: 11.4015.353.030 Learn More
  3. Damper Upgrade Kit CHARGER2.1 RC2 Crown LYRIK B1+/YARI A1+ 2016+ (SRAM)
    Self contained charger2.1 damper for repair or upgrade.
    Adjustable 4 click High Speed Compression (HSC), 19 click Low Speed Compression (LSC) and Low Speed rebound (LSR)
    Fits 35mm Lyrik 27/29, Yari 27/29 & Pike A2 29+ forks which use the Lyrik chassis.
    580mm overall length. For up to 180mm travel.
    Includes adjuster knobs & foot bolt.
    Top cap threads 32 x 0.5 mm
    Shipping dimensions:  75x75x630mm
    Charger 2.1 is a mid 2019 update with better damping circuits, lower friction and softer compression damping than Charger 2.0

    SRAM Part Code: 00.4020.170.000

    Shockcraft can tune this damper for you before delivery.  This improves small bump compliance and support.  Important for hard and fast riders.

    Learn More
  4. Rockshox BoXXer Damper Upgrade Charger 1 (SRAM)


    Available on backorder

    BoXXer Charger 1 RC damper upgrade kit Fits 35 mm BoXXer forks 2010-2018 A1/A2/B1/B2 (does not fit 2019 C1 BoXXer) 780 mm overall length For 200 mm travel Includes adjuster knobs, foot bolt, casting reducer, mid shaft support and bleed kit Top cap threads 32.5 x 1 mm SRAM Part Code: 00.4018.783.000 Shockcraft can tune this damper for you before delivery Learn More
  5. Charger 2 Damper Upgrade Kit
    Fits 32mm SID 27-29" 2012-2016, Reba 27-29 (2012-2017) and Bluto
    Max 120mm travel
    RLC (rebound, lockout and compression) adjust.
    With One-Lock cable remote.

    SRAM Part Code: 00.4018.783.011 Learn More
  6. Charger 2.1 Damper Seal-Head.
    Also fits Charger 2.0 damper
    Red colour and lower friction seal than previous
    Use for repair or service.

    SRAM Part Code: 11.4018.107.000 Learn More

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