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Manitou MC2 Tuning & Upgrades

Manitou MC2

Damper modifications & tuning are now available for MC2 damper Manitou Mattoc, Magnum & Mastodon forks.


•    A Shockcraft high-flow-piston modification increases oil flow at very high shaft speeds

•    Allows rapid response to follow very rough ground at high speed

•    Fixes harshness on sharp and fast impacts

•    Allows a tune to keep attitude and composure while still eating rocks

•    Base-tune altered if necessary to suit rider and terrain

•    Oil specification chosen to suit rider and climate

•    End-cap sealing upgrade to stop air intrusion, bath oil intrusion & oil foaming

•    Improves damper reliability & service intervals

Upgrades (if not already fitted):

•    IRT Air Spring upgrade is highly recommended

•    Low friction Manitou wiper seals are highly recommended


To book a Mattoc/Magnum/Mastodon MC2 fork damper tune please complete our fork service booking form:


You will need to send the entire forks to us for tuning.  We include a complicated service as part of the package.

The rates below exclude freight, seals & additional parts (as there are so many options).

Use the fork service booking form to communicate your weight range, riding style, level of service & any parts/seals required.

Manitou MC2 Tune Labour Rates

  Price incl GST Price excl GST Details

Tuning & Service
Complete Fork



Manitou Mattoc/Magnum/Mastodon Damper Tune
Fork strip, clean, high flow, tune & oil change
Price includes Motorex or Shockcraft oils & Slickoleum grease
Upgrades, Wiper Seals & Replacement parts are additional