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Ohlins RXF Tuning

Ohlins RXF36

We have a completely re-engineered tuning package for the Ohlins RXF fork fitted to many Specialized Enduro bikes.

This suite of changes takes the Ohlins RXF performance from 4/10 to 8.5/10.

It encompasses custom manufactured parts, damper modifications and tuning, air spring modifications and tuning along with bushing resizing and seal upgrades.

These modifications were engineered entirely in house at Shockcraft and are only available as a complete package from Shockcraft.

They have been race tested at the highest level in NZ.

Ohlins RXF Existing Issues:

•    Fork is overdamped and sluggish at the speeds required to absorb bumps

•    Fork is underdamped at chassis control speeds allowing wallow and dive

•    Stock two-stage air spring system offers no mid-stroke support

•    Stock compression adjuster does nothing

•    Stock rebound range is far too slow

•    Bushings are too tight and seals too grabby

•    Fork doesn't move over small bumps, is harsh on rough ground, spikes on sharp hits yet dives under body movements

Shockcraft Engineered Solutions:

•    Damper re-engineered with Shockcraft designed and manufactuered High Flow Piston

•    Fork becomes lively and free to follow rough terrain at speed

•    Spiking is completely eliminated

•    Damper and Air Spring now offer full support to maintain stability without diving or wallowing

•    Adjusters have a wide usable range that makes a difference

•    Air and bath oil ingress into the damper and air spring is greatly reduced

•    Friction and stiction are greatly reduced

•    SKF low friction seals installed


To book an Ohlins RXF3 fork tune use our online booking system:


You will need to send the entire forks to us for tuning.  If we require a test-ride we may need your bike as these forks have very short steerer tubes.

The rates below are all inclusive of labour, parts & lubricants.

Use the fork service booking form to communicate your weight range, riding style, level of service & any parts/seals required.

Ohlins RXF Fork Tune Labour Rates

  Price incl GST Price excl GST Details

Ohlins RXF
Fork Tune
(STX Air)




Full "not stock" custom service and tune.
Ohlins RXF
Fork Tune
(TTX Air)




Full "not stock" custom service and tune.

Ohlins RXF
Fork Tune
(TTX Coil)



Full "not stock" custom service and tune.