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RockShox BoXXer Charger 1 Tuning

Boxxer Charger 1 Unharsh & Matrix Tune

RockShox Pike

Damper modifications (Unharsh modification & Matrix Tune) are now available for charger 1 RC damper RockShox Boxxer forks.

We can also fit Charger 1 dampers to 2010-2018 forks which used the untunable Motion Control (Moco) dampers.

For all riders the tuning:

•    Allows the fork to compress faster and further for each bump

•    Allows full travel and fast response with correct air pressure or spring rate

•    Fixes harshness & air intrusion on fast impacts

•    Provides a better ride with less diving, less wallowing and eliminates spiking.

•    Improves traction and control at all speeds.

•    Makes the compression knob(s) usable for low speed compression.

•    Several stages of tune are available to suit rider, terrain and spring setup.


To book a Boxxer RC fork damper tuning service please complete our fork service booking form:

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  1. Unharsh damper modification and custom tuning for Rockshox Charger Damper forks:
    Charger 1, 2 & 2.1 generations
    RC, RC2, RCT3 etc variations
    SID, Pike, Lyrik, Boxxer etc.

    Also available for RockShox Yari with purchase of a new Charger 2.1 damper (contact us for pricing)

    Send us your fork or damper and we will modify and tune it to your weight and riding style.  This service reduces harshness while increasing support and compliance.

    Includes labour, consumables and fluids for dampers in good working condition.
    Excludes repairs & any additional repair parts Learn More

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