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Vorsprung Fractive Fork Tuning

Fractive is Vorsprung Suspension's own tuning system for the Fox FIT4, factory series, damper.  The FIT4 damper is a three position adjustable damper.  The factory series (F-S) version has a second dial in the centre for low speed compression (LSC) damping adjustment.

Note Fractive isn't compatible with the performance series (P-S) or earlier CTD-FIT dampers and is not compatible with remote equipped dampers or the RC versions with HSC/LSC compression dials.

This tuning system replaces the internal valving in the damper and comes fitted with one of 5 preset tunes, tunes which you can select using the Vorsprung YouTune calculator here.

Once your damper has been upgraded to Fractive the centre dial remains as low speed compression (LSC) and the outer dial (formerly Climb-Trail-Descend) becomes a high speed compression adjuster.

Shockcraft can supply Fractive tuning fully installed in your fork during service, installed in your damper if you just want to send that or as a kit for DIY installation.

To book a Fractive Fork Tune by Shockcraft please complete a fork service booking form:

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  1. Fork Bushing Burnishing (Shockcraft)

    From: US$21.36

    To: US$33.56

    Final sizing and tolerancing of fork bushings to ensure minimal friction and maximum performance.  Cures issue of friction and stiction to improve small bump control.  Also reduces break-in time of a new fork to zero.
    Burnish sizes are carefully chosen to provide maximum oil film thickness without any knocking or noticable play.

    Available immediately for 30 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm, 35 mm and 36 mm forks.  Other sizes will have a slight delay as we manufacture tooling.

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  2. Vorsprung Fractive upgrade tuning kit for Fox FIT4 Factory-Series fork dampers
    Fits only FIT4 factory series dampers with LSC adjuster dial in centre of the Firm-Medium-Open dial
    Requires significant tools and knowledge to install
    Can be installed as part of any Shockcraft complete-fork or damper-only service (book here)

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  3. A Shim Shuffle is changing the stock tune in a fork or shock damper to another factory pre-configured tune.  For example changing a medium tune to a firm tune or a soft tune.

    It is only available with a fork or shock service where factory tunes are published.  It does not include any shims or parts, they are charged separately if required.

    This charge is for shim shuffle as part of any compatible fork or shock service.

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3 Item(s)