Fox 36

Service pricing for the Fox 36 forks is provided below.  Further information on these forks and available parts, lubricants, upgrades and tuning from Shockcraft is over here.

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  1. Fork Service Labour Pricing

    From: US$20.97

    To: US$870.24

    The nature and cost of service depends on the specific suspension model, it's unique issues and prior maintenance schedule.  Model specific pricing is available from our Service Info & Pricing page.  If your model is not included please see pricing below.

    If you're not sure what type of service is required please contact us or we can make a recommendation after inspection of the fork.  Repair work is additional to a normal service.  We will always call and discuss before proceeding with any repair work.

    These rates are for labour only and exclude repair.
    Parts, oil & freight are additional and vary depending on the brand & model and the problems found.

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  2. All tuning and upgrade options fork for Fox 36 GRIP or GRIP2 dampers and forks:

    Also applicable to other Fox models (F34, F36 E-bike, F38 & F40) which use GRIP or GRIP2 dampers.  Contact us for pricing and to confirm fitment.

    2021+ F34, F36, F38, F40 forks with GRIP2 VVC damper & NA2 air spring
    2018-2020 F36 forks with GRIP2 damper & NA2 air spring.
    2017+ GRIP or GRIP2 damper in F34, F36, F38 or F40

    Send us your fork or damper and we will modify and tune it to your weight and riding style.  This service removes harshness, increases support and brings a live and playful feel.   Increasing both support and compliance.

    Includes labour, machining, new parts, consumables and fluids for dampers in good working condition.
    Excludes repairs & any additional repair parts Learn More

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