Fully Synthetic Fork Bushing Lubricant 250 to 1000 cc (Motorex)

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Motorex Fully Synthetic lubricating oil for air pistons and suspension forks lower leg bushings.
Manitou use this exact oil as Semi-Bath fork lubrication.

5W40 grade
88 cSt @ 40C
Pour Point <-50C

This is a slightly less awesome lubricant than Motorex Supergliss but works over a wider temperature range and is better in the cold.

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Fully synthetic lubricating oil which works very well as a bushing lubricant for suspension fork lower legs.  It is also used to lubricate air seals in forks and shocks.

This is the best all-round performer.  Supergliss is better in the warm (10°C and above) and Polar Lube Oil is better in the cold (0°C and below).

1 litre bottles only available for shipping to New Zealand addresses.

Fully Synthetic.
Pour Point -48°C