Hot Oil Pink 250 cc (Shockcraft)

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Hot Oil Pink 250 cc for rear shocks and fork cartridge dampers
14 cSt @ 40°C



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Shockcraft Hot Oil Pink for cartridge fork dampers and rear shock absorbers ridden hard from -40 to 100°C.  This oil has low viscosity from ambient through to very low temperatures to provide extra sensitivity and high performance across an extended temperature range.

Low Viscosity Oil with high heat capacity and viscosity index:
13-14 cSt @ 40°C
5.3 cSt @ 100°C
Viscosity Index 404
Pour Point -66°C
Viscosity Class 3 wt

Perfect low viscosity & high temperature replacement for:
2.5 wt and 4 wt cartridge fork and rear shock oils (10-17 cSt)
3wt shock fluids (10-17cSt)
Manitou fork damper oil - all exept 2009+ Dorado
Manitou shock damper oil - all.
Rockshox fork dampers specifying 5 wt or 3 wt oil - all except hydracoil and Mag series.
Rockshox shock damper oil - all.
Fox fork dampers using R3 5 wt - FIT-CTD, FIT RC2, FIT4 etc.
Fox fork and shocks using 7 wt to 10 wt which require extreme sensitivity and cold weather performance.
Marzocchi shock damper oil - all.
Ohlins shock damper oil - all.
Cane Creek damper oil - all.

The low viscosity will reduce damping from fixed size ports and needles, requiring adjusters (especially rebound) to be closed further.  If you require a thicker oil then use Hot Oil Green.
This is not an open bath fork oil and does not lubricate bushings as well as well as Motorex Fork Oil (use 2.5wt, 4wt or 5wt).
For open bath and semi-open bath forks which use damper oil for lubrication (Manitou Dorado, Marzocchi Dynamic Bleed, Avalanche etc) use Motorex 2.5wt, Motorex 4wt or Motorex 5wt.  These lubricate better.

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