Lightning Bearing Grease (Shockcraft)

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3 cc syringe of low viscosity Lightning Bearing Grease


To complement our existing bearing range Shockcraft has a new range of bearing greases targeted at specific applications, making your pre-emptive, periodic and reactive maintenance even easier.  The greases are delivered pre-packed in dispensing syringes with reusable screw-locking caps to keep the grease and your toolbox clean.

Lightning Bearing Grease is a premium fully synthetic grease of white porcelain colour.  This is the high performance factory filled grease in our 6805 bottom bracket bearings and 6805N stainless steel ceramic bottom bracket bearings.  It is also used in premium bearings from other brands.  The low viscosity allows excellent performance in cold weather and the choice of either low bearing fill for minimal rolling resistance or higher bearing fill for better bearing protection.

Due to air pockets that form during packing, each 3 cc syringe contains approximately 2.5 cc of grease.