Luftkappe for Fox Float 34 Evol 2018+ (Vorsprung)

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Vorsprung Luftkappe air piston with higher volume negative
Fits 2018+ Fox Float 34 Evol Performance & Factory Series forks
Requires roll pin tool to install as it is pinned to the air shaft.
Can be installed as part of any Shockcraft service (book here)



The Luftkappe from Vorsprung Suspension increases negative air volume in air spring forks.  This greatly improves the two main issues with air springs: a high starting preload and a weak mid-stroke.  The extra negative volume lowers starting preload to zero, creating a pneumatic top-out effect.  The reduced initial spring rate allows higher air pressure for better mid stroke support along with improved small bump sensitivity.

The Luftkappe Evol kit uses the same cap (kappe) as the Luftkappe NA2 kit, but doesn't have or require the extra low volume seal-head.  This makes the kit cheaper.

Fox 34 Evol 2018+:
Evol air system only with piston pinned to air shaft.  Does not work with TALAS or FLOAT air spring systems.
Heavy duty F34 forks (E bike etc) have F32 internals and thicker tube walls..  Check volume spacers, blue is 32mm internals, green is 34mm internals.
Use NA2 kit for 2016-17 NA2 forks (Luftkappe is the same but seal head is included in that kit).
Max 3 tokens due to reduced internal clearance.  Suggest tuning starts with 1 token.
SD Components DVC compatability is yet to be determined.
MRP Ramp Control compatability is yet to be determined