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  1. Fits Manitou Black, R7, M30 & Markhor air forks with 30 mm stanchions
    Thread M26.5 x 1.0 mm
    Manitou Part Code: 83-2654
    Supersedes 85-5803

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  2. Air top cap for Manitou 32 mm forks 2007+
    2003-2006 32mm forks used a different thread.
    Works with ISO AIr, TS Air, MARS Air and ACT air coil systems
    Includes schrader valve & air cap
    M30 x 1 mm threads
    Manitou Part Code: 141-23992-K002

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  3. Air top cap to fit Manitou 32 mm forks 2008 onwards Fits & works with ACT coil & air spring system, ISO air, TS air, MARS air etc. M30 x 1.0 mm thread Includes schrader valve & cap Manitou Part Code: 141-27988-K013 Supercedes Manitou part codes 141-23992-K002 & 83-3150 Learn More
  4. Valve-cap for Manitou 34 mm forks (Mattoc, Magnum & Mastodon) using IRT, TS or ISO air spring systems
    Replacement part or upgrade for early forks using a conventional valve cap
    Manitou Part Code: 127-31811

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  5. Replacement air cap for Manitou Magnum Mattoc & Mastodon Comp forks
    Can be used for pressure sensing in all Mattoc/Magnum/Mastodon forks with Dorado Air system (pump connection at bottom of forks)
    Can be used to repair damaged cap on Mattoc/Magnum/Mastodon IRT system
    Manitou Part Code: 141-32156-K003

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  6. Fits Manitou Black air forks
    Thread M26.5 x 1.0 mm
    Manitou Part Code: 85-5803
    This part is now obselete, use 83-2654

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  7. Dorado Pro Bleeder Caps Kit (Manitou)


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    Trailside Relief press-button bleeder caps Fit all Dorado forks 2009 onwards Manitou Part Code: 141-32668-K006 Learn More
  8. Centre air cap for Dorado forks 2009 and onwards Manitou Part Code: 141-25993 Learn More
  9. Kwik Toggle Knob Kit (Manitou)


    Available on backorder

    Kwik Toggle compression and rebound knob set Includes cable mount and spring to convert Kwik Toggle damper forks to remote operation Manitou Part Code: 141-33386-K001 Learn More
  10. Damper knob kit for Minute/Machete/Marvel Pro/Expert forks
    Contains red compression knob, blue rebound knob, detent balls/springs and retaining screws
    Manitou Part Code: 141-31938-K016

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  11. Contains red aluminium ABS+ compression knob, blue aluminium rebound knob, detent ball & spring with screws Manitou Part Code: 141-30642-K003 Learn More
  12. Preload adjuster & cap for Manitou Circus & Match coil sprung forks Thread M30 x 1 mm Manitou Part Code: 141-27181-K002 Learn More
  13. Mattoc/Magnum/Mastodon Pro knob kit
    For MC2 compression damper in Pro level forks
    LSC, HSC and HBO knobs with detent balls/springs and fixing nut/screw
    Manitou Part Code: 141-32155-K015

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  14. Mattoc/Magnum Pro Knob/Air Cap Kit (Manitou)


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    Replacement rebound knob & air cap for Manitou Mattoc & Magnum Pro forks Includes rebound knob mounting screw Manitou Part Code: 141-32155-K016 Learn More
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  15. MILO (Manitou Integrated Lock Out) kit for Kwik Toggle (KT) damper used in 2017+ forks
    Kit includes 2 position handle-bar lever, cable, cable housing, fork mounted cable stop, return spring, KT cap and screw
    Will adapt any Kwik Toggle fork damper to remote (handlebar) lockout operation
    Manitou Part Code: 141-33538

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  16. MILO (Manitou Integrated Lock Out) lever kit for rear shock or repair
    Kit includes 2 position handle-bar lever, cable & cable housing
    Manitou Part Code: 141-31975-K003

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  17. Replacement RTWD (rapid travel wind down) top cap assembly for Nixon 2005-07 & Minute 2006 coil sprung forks New Old Stock (NOS) Manitou Part Code: 83-2451 Learn More
  18. Replacement end cap with seals for damper cartridges used in Manitou 2006-07 Nixon & Travis forks New Old Stock (NOS) Manitou Part Code: 83-2817 Learn More
  19. Replacement knob kit for Travis & Nixon forks New Old Stock (NOS) Manitou Part Code: 83-2837 Learn More
  20. Replacement knob kit for 2010 & Later ABS+ R7 forks Manitou Part Code: 141-27177-K003 Learn More
  21. Sherman 2003 & Later Knob Kit (Manitou)


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    Fits Manitou Sherman & some Nixon forks Thread 1.125" x 18 TPI Manitou Part Code: 85-5924 Learn More
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  22. Fits All Manitou Travis and Manitou Nixon with cartridge CID/TPC+ dampers Contains one knob and retaining screw Manitou Part Number: 141-24357 Learn More

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