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Manitou JUnit Machete (Kids, Cargo)

Premium Performance: Youth Sized

Born from the frustration of the Hayes product development team when trying to find high-quality components for their kids, they went full gas into developing a legit line of youth products, reflecting and sharing attributes, ride quality, and performance functions built for adult riders. JUnit components feature youth sized 20” and 24” suspension, wheels, hydraulic brakes, and a unique handlebar/grip system, specifically tailored for youth-sized hands.
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  1. Manitou JUnit Machete Boost (Kid's Fork)

    From: US$573.43

    To: US$734.70

    The JUnit Machete is a high performance suspension fork for 20" and 24" wheeled bikes, bringing performance, speed and safety to younger riders.

    Both fork sizes have air springs and dampers tuned for lightweight riders with infinitely tunable air springs and fully revalvable ABS+ dampers.

    Available for order now.  If not in stock please contact us and we can advise ETA.

    1.5" headset lower cup assembly available to adapt Scott Roxter, Trek Roscoe, Avanti Montari and other bikes to fit the tapered steerer of the Manitou JUnit Machete.

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  2. JUnit Bike Builder

    From: US$27.06

    To: US$1,730.43

    Hayes Bicycle's range of junior specific performance parts, filling a unique niche in the industry

    JUnit is designed for junior riders to give them the performance, handling and safety they deserve

    JUnit Wheel Builders (20", 24" & 26") available here

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