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Dorado 2022

Manitou Dorado 2022

The longest-standing inverted downhill-specific fork is back, in a big way.  For almost two decades, the Dorado has rewarded riders with unrivaled suspension performance and on-trail precision.  The newest rendition stays true to its heritage with an inverted design, but this is where the similarities end.  Featuring a new 37 mm chassis, fresh internals, and new material options the all-new Dorado is now available in three trim levels, Pro, Expert, and Comp.

Check out video of @clemenskaudela@thomassandell_ teaming up to bring the legendary Dorado back to life:
Dorado Video

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  1. Legends Never Die

    Back in a big way, the all-new Dorado Pro is ready to turn the suspension world upside down.
    Featuring an inverted design, carbon upper structure, 37 mm stanchions, and refreshed internals, the new Dorado Pro is the pinnacle of suspension technology.
    The new stiffer chassis is paired with an all-new sealed version of Manitou's TPC+ damper and improved Dorado Air Spring with IRT volume adjuster.
    These technologies combined into one ultimate platform provides more than enough tunability to satisfy any savvy suspension tuner while being so easy to adjust that every rider can dial in their fork with ease.

    Available for pre-order now.  Call us for details. Learn More
  2. Get Inverted

    Back and better than ever the new Dorado Expert is ready to take on the gnarliest conditions mountain biking can provide.
    Whether you’re looking to cut seconds off the splits, lap the local park, or get sendy in the back hills of Utah the Dorado Expert has you covered.
    Featuring an all new 37 mm chassis, completely redesigned internals, and on-trail precision that only inverted forks can provide, the new Dorado is your ticket to the best ride you’ve ever had.

    Available for pre-order now.  Call us for details. Learn More
  3. Coil Fans Rejoice!

    Once again, the Dorado is available with a coil option.  The new Dorado Comp features the same 37 mm chassis as the Expert, but with a more set it and forget it vibe.
    The coil spring provides a smooth consistent feel 100% of the time with 0% of any hassle.  On the damping side of things Manitou's ABS+ Damper offers a great adjustment range, terrific reliability, and easy serviceability.  The Dorado Comp is built for riders who just want to ride and not sweat any of the small stuff. Learn More

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