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  1. Manitou R8 Pro

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    R8 Pro - Elite XC Racing's Compromise Killer

    Lightweight, Stiff, Versatile, Unparalleled Tunability & Reliability

    The Manitou R8 Pro is an elite XC fork, built to be ridden harder and perform better than anything else in its class.  It meets every need of the most demanding XC athlete

    R8 Pro Key Features
    •   Rigid & Stiff -
    larger diameter of legs (34 mm) and Manitou's "rear facing for better racing" arch design provide maximum rigidity
    •   Lightweight - 1480 g
    •   Unparallelled Tunability - XC tuned Dorado Air & VTT Pro-X adjustable damper
    •   Versatile
    - easily internally adjustable travel in 10 mm increments
    •   Reliable -
    improvments for weight & stiffness have been made without affecting structural integrity or reliability; sealed damper with bladder system and Trail Side Relief mean better performance with longer service life
    •   Ace/Deuce Remote Options - stackable under bar remote lockout system for fork, rear shock & dropper post

    Note on Travel: we will confirm travel setting with you upon purchase and adjust during our pre-sales checks.  Travel internally adjustable 80 to 120 mm.  Travel can be adjusted down further with purchase of more travel spacers.

    Note on Availability:
    R8 are in stock with Manitou USA with some stocked here at Shockcraft.  If not in stock place your order now to reserve a R8 in our next order from Manitou USA. Learn More

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1 Item(s)