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  1. Mattoc Travel Change Kit (Manitou)

    Mattoc Travel Change Kit (Manitou)


    Travel spacers & hydraulic-bottom-out (HBO) cones to convert Manitou Mattoc Pro from 26" to 27" or vice versa
    Includes instructions
    Does not fit Mattoc Expert, which uses larger diameter bottom out cones
    Manitou Part Code: 141-30159-K010 Learn More
  2. Mattoc/Magnum IRT Upgrade Kit (Manitou)

    Mattoc/Magnum IRT Upgrade Kit (Manitou)


    IRT: Infinite Rate Tune
    Adds a second individually tunable air chamber to the positive air side of Mattoc & Magnum forks
    Manitou Part Code: 141-32668-K003 Learn More
  3. Mattoc/Magnum IVA Upgrade Kit (Manitou)

    Mattoc/Magnum IVA Upgrade Kit (Manitou)


    IVA: Incremental Volume Adjust
    A 5 position spacer system to tune positive air chamber volume and increase progression
    Manitou Part Code: 141-32668-K001 Learn More

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