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Mattoc IRT Upgrade Kit Fine Thread 2020+ (Manitou)

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Manitou Mattoc IRT Upgrade Kit 2020+
Adds a second air chamber for independent tuning of mid-end stroke.
Compatible with 2020+ Mattoc Pro, Mastodon Pro & Circus Pro can be fitted to Comp with a piston swap.
Installs with a cassette tool and uses a flatter cap than earlier versions

Manitou part code: 141-32668-K010

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IRT: Infinite Rate Tune for 2020 Mattoc forks with fine thread (M31x0.8mm)

Upgrade to add a second individually tunable air chamber to the positive air side of Mattoc forks
Direct fit to 2020+ Mattoc Pro, Mastodon Pro, 29+ Mattoc/Magnum Pro and Circus Pro forks.
Can fit 2020 Mattoc Comp forks by swapping piston with the existing, smaller, IVA system.
Not compatible with 2014-19 forks due to change in top-cap threads.

Mattoc, Circus Pro and Mastodon forks with fine-thread caps have either 31x0.8mm or a round dot etched onto the IVA top-caps.  You can also measure the thread pitch, coarse threads are 1mm pitch and will line up with a metric ruler with mm divisions.

Manitou Part Code: 141-32668-K010