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MTB Stepped External Bottom Bracket - MCEBB201 (Monocrome)

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High Quality BSA Threaded external bottom bracket
Using standard, replaceable, 6805 bearings
Fully rebuildable
Steel, stainless or ceramic hybrid bearing options
CNC Storm Drain options for extreme wet conditions
Compatible with MTB SRAM/Truvativ GXP cranksets (24-22 mm)

Available in red or gold (pewter no longer available)

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High quality CNC machined and anodised aluminium cups, spacers and centre sleeve.

Spacers are included to fit frames with 68-73mm BB shells.  The Monocrome BB is installed with standard BB tools.

Note photos shown of individual bottom brackets are of MCEBB001.  Colours are the same.

Additional Information
CNC Storm Drains:

For those riding in wet conditions Monocrome Bottom Brackets are available with CNC Storm Drains. These water drains allow water to escape from the cup before it can corrode or enter the bearing. The drains are invisible once the bottom bracket cups are assembled.

BB Cup with CNC Storm Drains from Shockcraft
Bottom Bracket Cup with CNC Storm Drains

Bearing Type:

6805 Chromium Steel (Monocrome):
Chromium steel caged deep groove ball bearings with plastic sleeves.  As with all MonocromeTM bearings, these bearings  carry a special guarantee with a 6 month no questions asked replacement.

6805 Stainless Steel (Monocrome):
Stainless steel caged deep groove ball bearings with plastic sleeves.  When purchased with CNC Storm Drains these bearings carry a special guarantee with a 12 month no questions asked replacement.  When purchased without the CNC Storm Drains the standard MonocromeTM 6 month guarantee applies.

6805 Ceramic Hybrid (Enduro):
Ceramic hybrid caged deep groove ball bearings with plastic sleeves.

Ceramic hybrid bearings have a conventional steel outer race but with ceramic balls inside.  The harder ceramic balls roll a little easier, weigh a little less and the bearings have been designed to minimise rolling friction.   These are ideal bearings for those seeking higher performance and lighter weight.