Seatpost Service & Bike of the Month

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Seatpost Service

Seatpost ServiceWe've got a confession to make: we service seat-posts.

We didn't really start out to do this.  But when people pointed out we've got the super-clean workshop, all the tools, the vacuum bleeders, the best fluids for cold weather, the endless fittings and clamps that no-one else has, well, we caved in.

So now we have a Seatpost Service section on our website and a Seatpost Parts section too.  We stock parts for many and service them all.

So if your Reverb is stuck in Stealth mode, your Kindshock is being anything but kind, your Hilo has turned into a slug on cold mornings or your dropper post has turned into a suspension post, we can help.

Also, we have our own remotes and hoses.  So there's no need to pull and re-thread that %&^$ hose from your frame.

Pricing depends on the type of post & issues you're having, but as an example, service of a RockShox Reverb Stealth, with no major part replacement, would be $150 without the hose & remote ($130 labour, $20 for oils/seals) or $180 with remote & hose ($160 labour, $20 for oils/seals).


Manitou IRT

Mattoc/Magnum IRT Upgrade Kit (Manitou)Manitou have a fantastic air spring upgrade for their Mattoc, Magnum, Dorado (& Mastodon) forks called IRT. IRT stands for Infinite Rate Tune.

This screws in the top of the stanchion and provides a second, constrained and independently tuned, air chamber. So you can set air pressure for the middle-end of the stroke separately to the start of the stroke.

These are truly fantastic tuning-wise and give options that you never had before.

Hayes-Manitou Test Sessions
Hayes-Manitou often catch flak for not having enough marketing material. Well here is why: they're all out developing and testing their products

Not just normal testing, but thrashing bikes and parts that are fully instrumented and videoed. Not only collecting endless data for benchmarking and ideas for improvement, but also live tuning: riding and recording the same trails over and over again with different tunes each time.

Check out Bike Rumor's article bristling with photos and videos. Those of you with eagle eyes might also spot some very interesting brakes on this bike.

Hayes-Manitou Test Sessions

Bike of the Month - April 2017

This month we have something a little different for our Bike of the Month:

Shockcraft Bike of the Month April 2017Over three decades ago a little red bike rolled out of a bike shop in Nelson underneath a little bike nut on holiday. It was a Morrison Star Flyer, complete with trainer wheels, BMX pad on the bar and the same 11 x 1 3/4" wheels as used on the front of the legendary Raleigh Chopper. For two years it was ridden lots, left in the sun, rain and snow, then passed down to the next kid. Then the next.

In total at least 6 kids have learnt how to ride and pedal on this little bike. It's held up its fair share of adults too. The BMX pads perished in the sun, the stickers have faded and the paint has been beaten. The tyres and seat have been replaced at least once each.  But it still keeps going.

Now it's back to teach a second generation how to ride. The Shimano coaster hub is still going strong and tyre set #3 are ready and waiting. If they keep making 11x1 3/4" tyres it might even make it to generation #3.