We're excited to announce the launch of Biken Distribution.
Biken has grown from all the brands and products at Shockcraft that aren't strictly suspension, and includes a special focus on quality kids' MTB products.  Visit Biken
Coil Shocks & Shock Conversions

Coil Shocks & Shock Conversions

Posted in News By Shockcraft  10 February 2020 2:28:32 pm NZDT

If coil springs are your thing, Shockcraft can supply coil shocks from Marzocchi and Cane Creek with shock hardware, ready to fit a range of bikes.  We are continually listing more shock variants so please contact us if you need something you cannot see.

Trek "Deaktiv" Conversion

Trek "Deaktiv" ConversionThe Trek Fuel, Remedy, Slash and Rail bikes come with specially designed Reaktiv shocks.  These are polarising things and many people just don't like them.  We can provide conversion kits or complete shock assemblies to replace your Reaktiv shock with a conventional air or coil shock from Manitou, Cane Creek, Marzocchi, Fox, Rockshox or whoever you please.  Learn More