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Fox 36 GRIP & GRIP2 Tuning

Fox 36 GRIP & GRIP2 Tuning

Posted in News By Shockcraft  25 November 2020 2:12:35 pm NZDT

Shockcraft's own Unharsh and Matrix tuning for the RockShox Charger forks (Pike, Lyrik & Boxxer) continues to have resounding success and reviews worldwide, for riders ranging from 40 kg women to those on 120 kg E-bikes.

This program is now extended to cover the Fox GRIP2 dampers found in the F36 since 2018 and now the F34 and F38 too. GRIP dampers found in the mid-range forks will follow.

The process and results are similar. We improve oil flow to take out harshness and then re-shim the damper to give the support and bump control needed to match your weight, riding style and terrain.

In stock form the FOX Grip & GRIP2 dampers produce too much damping for those riding in choppy terrain. The forks can't react fast enough on compression or rebound and this often leads riders to run less air pressure than is ideal, which makes the fork feel even more slow and dead.

Combining these damper modifications and tune with a Smashpot Coil Spring, Secus or Luftkappe air spring upgrade gives you the best these forks can possibly be.

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