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December Bike of the Month & Stocking Filler Ideas

Posted in News Bike of the Month By Shockcraft  19 December 2015 11:16:47 am NZDT

Merry Christmas from Shockcraft (our last courier is Tuesday 22nd Dec)

That lovely time of too much eating, drinking and riding is almost upon us.  The team at Shockcraft wishes you lots of great riding and celebrating over the Christmas and New Year period.  We will be closed and not answering the phones for almost three weeks from the end of Tuesday 22nd December 2015 until the start of Tuesday 12th January 2016.

Our last orders for 2015 go out on Tuesday 22nd December 2015.  Fastways (std delivery) orders must be paid and ready to go by 1 pm, NZC (next working day) orders by 2 pm.  Anything not ready to go will be holidaying in sunny Central Otago until we return in 2016.

Bike of the Month - December 2015

This state of the art machine belongs to Tony G of Christchurch.  It's an Intense Tracer 275C with Manitou Mattoc fork and McLeod rear shock.  The fork has been hot-rodded with the Manitou IRT (infinite rate travel) kit and the rear shock with the multi-volume King Can and bolted in with Shockcraft Straight Axle hardware.

As well as class beating out of the box performance, Tony now has an aditional two stages of rear shock air can volume and a second fork air chamber which can be used to add or remove mid-stroke stroke support to suit.

For more information on the Mattoc and McLeod, take a look at our stocking fillers below. 

We really should have posted this last month on an easily printable page with "one of these for Christmas please".

McLeod Spotted in Martin Jetpack Promo

Check out this video of the Martin Jetpack - look closely at 18 seconds.

Christmas Present & Stocking Filler Ideas

Have you ever ridden a shock that just absorbs bumps without any fuss? One that follows repeated hits at speed without packing up or bucking? One that is as firm as you want under pedal while going up while providing amazing traction and stability on the way down?

The McLeod is Manitou's lightweight air shock with damping circuits that do exactly what they should: 4 stages of compression adjust, 5 sizes to fit any bike you want to pedal and multi-volume King Can air canisters available. 

We can manufacture and supply all the hardware to make this shock or any other bolt straight into your bike.

In stock now 200 x 56mm (216 x 63 mm due soon) RRP $552
Available through bike retailers nationwide.
The most tunable and best performing single crown fork on the market.  The Mattoc features 26/27" convertability, and the self balancing linear Dorado air spring.   It can be run at up to 170 mm in 26" mode or 160 mm in 27" mode.  It can be shortened in travel as much as you desire.

This fork features the latest evolution of Manitou's legendary TPC damper, The MC².  This damper has external high speed and low speed compression adjuster dials to tune in the ride whether you're riding fast and choppy or slow and technical.  It has externally adjustable hydraulic bottom out to ensure you get full travel and absorb hard hits without kick-back.

If that's not enough you can hot-rod your Mattoc with the IVA volume spacer system or the IRT two stage air system.  Both install in seconds with a 24 mm socket.

In stock in black
RRP $1395
Available through bike retailers nationwide.








Mattoc IVA Upgrade Kit  *NEW*

A 5 position spacer system to tune positive air chamber volume and increase progression.  Fits all Mattoc Pro/Expert 26" and 27" forks plus Magnum 27+ & 29+ forks.  Comes with setup guide with starting pressures and spring curves.


We know what bikers do to shock pumps. They fall out of pockets, they get dropped on the rocks and they even get run over. Here's a nice replacement: 0-300 psi Manitou branded pump.

SKF Fork Seal Kits

Available in 6 anodised colours to fit bikes with 1 1/8" steerers.  Heart stem caps and other CNC machined patterns also available.
Mountainbikes (and road bikes) use a skinny french Presta valve. Cars and shocks use the fatter Schrader valve.These little doofers (technical term) screw onto presta valve stems so you can fill up your bike tyres anywhere you fill up car tyres. People also lose these all the time, so buy a handful and screw them on the valves for safe-keeping. Ours are light weight machined aluminium, 1/3 the weight of brass versions.

Our Shockcraft Valve caps are extremely light (0.8 g each), o-ring sealed and come in three colours (blue, red or black).  They fit air forks, air shocks and they also fit onto our presta valve adapters to keep dirt, dust and mud out of the valve seals.

$5 per cap, $2.50 per adapter



Dorado Pro Bleeder Caps Kit (Trailside Relief)  *NEW*

When you ride really fast and hard the oil inside your forks starts to produce gas.  The gas builds pressure inside your forks making them harsh.

The Trailside Relief caps have a gas release button on each.  Simply press the button to vent the fork.  Perfect for those racing, training or shuttling.  Fit all Manitou Dorado forks from 2009 onwards.


Suspension Bearing Kits

Shockcraft is the biggest southern hemisphere stockist of Full Complement bearings for bike suspension. These are available as individual bearings or complete assembled kits for the most popular bikes.

See full range of kits here.
Individual bearings also available.