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Shock Hardware, Service & Christmas Hours

Posted in News By Shockcraft  7 December 2015 10:33:43 am NZDT

Shock Hardware

Shock hardware is a vague term.  To many it might sound like a shop selling hammers, nails and circuit breakers.

But here at Shockcraft we use the term to describe the group of parts which connect each end of your shock to your frame; it has to hold your shock securely while letting it pivot freely.

Straight Axle Hardware
At Shockcraft we like to play at the reliable and hard-wearing end of the market so we have developed shock hardware called "Straight Axle" - as pictured below.

Our straight axle hardware runs a strong and hard stainless steel pin which won't bend or easily wear, teamed up with black acetal collars to keep your shock in line without chewing up it's finish. We run IGUS bushings from Germany in your shock eyelets as they can't rust, are self lubricating, extremely long lasting and don't ever chew into the pins. We have optional sealing collars too - for those who like to really get dirty.

Custom Fit
To top this off we can custom fit the hardware to your shock, as even though most shock eyelets are meant to be the same size, they never are. To make the hardware fit and work like it should we match pins to the eylets within +/- 0.01 mm. Take a look at the 1 mm mark on a plastic ruler. Our shock hardware is toleranced to 1/100th of that size. Any tighter and it binds. Any looser and it knocks.

At the end of all of this you have shock hardware that does three things so well you'll never notice:

1.    Supports the shock bolts so they'll never bend or break.

2.    Pivots so smoothly that you'll swear it is running on bearings.

3.    Outlasts any other shock hardware. When it does finally wear out the IGUS bushing, you simply punch a new IGUS bushing in place and keep riding, with minimal cost and down-time.

Shock Service

For those scared of paying new-shock money for a service, here are some typical breakdowns (all prices include GST):

Fox FLOAT rear shock (inline air):                     Manitou Radium/SRL/Swinger 3 way (inline air):

 Labour (std service)     $130                          Labour (std service)      $130
 Oil (30 cc) $0.90    Oil (30 cc) $0.90 
 Grease $1   Grease $1
 Air Seals (genuine FOX)   $42.50   Air Seals $13.74
 DU Bushings (1) $5   DU Bushings (1) $6.19
 Return Courier (NZC) $8   Return Courier (NZC) $8
 TOTAL $187.40   TOTAL $159.83






Service Booking Form
If you require a service, please fill in our booking form here.

Christmas Hours

Our cut-off for servicing prior to Christmas requires shocks or forks to arrive at Shockcraft by Monday 14th December 2015.

Our last orders out for 2015 will be Tuesday 22nd December 2015, anything not paid and ready to leave by that date will be holidaying in sunny Central Otago until Tuesday January 12th 2016.

Any Questions?
Call us on the Shockline 03 976 7790
or email engineer@shockcraft.co.nz