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Introducing the Vorsprung Secus

Introducing the Vorsprung Secus

Posted in News By Shockcraft  5 August 2020 9:09:33 am NZST
For the first time, Vorsprung has created an air spring with a truly better spring rate, everywhere in the travel, than a coil.  The Secus upgrade delivers the first and only single crown air spring system to really come indistinguishably close to the linear spring rate of a coil fork for the entire first 2/3rds of its travel, with the advantage of a gentle end stroke progression to prevent bottoming without the "wall of force" harshness that excessively progressive springs create.  The Secus is available from Shockcraft for pre-order here (Update 18/08 - NOW IN STOCK).Vorsprung Secus

Secus Advantages

•   An enlarged negative air spring chamber delivers a soft, supple initial stroke for ultimate small bump compliance (yes, even compared to the Luftkappe)
•   Proprietary Midstroke Support Valve improves predictability and support beyond the sag point
•   Reduced lower leg pneumatic ramp means better scalability of the air spring, particularly for light riders who previously struggled to use full travel
•   Plush and predictable like a coil, bottomless like an air spring
•   Allows full use of travel in both directions - fully extends to topout without any quibbles (including on Debonair B1 air springs) and fully compresses without excessive ramp
•   Allows more lower leg bath oil to be used for superior lubrication
•   Considerably lighter than coil conversions - adds approximately 130g
•   Simple setup - inflate fork, bounce on it a few times, press MSV charge button, go ride
•   Compatible with OEM volume spacers for end-stroke progression adjustment
•   Compatible with other aftermarket top-cap systems such as DSD Runt and MRP Ramp Control
•   Lower compression ratios mean a more consistent spring rate
•   Transferrable between any Secus-compatible forks with only a footstud to change at most

Vorsprung Secus

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