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Winter Bike Maintenance

Posted in News By Dougal  18 June 2013 12:14:32 pm NZST

Now we're into the deep and dark times of winter, it's the ideal opportunity to give your bike the once-twice-three times over it's been lacking all summer.

Drag it out, put it upside down in front of the TV and don't put it away until it's sorted.

Front Hubs

These should spin freely and silently.  Pull the front wheel out and hold the axle while it spins.  Any grinding or twitching feeling means the bearings need looked at.

Rear Hubs

Should spin just like front hubs when out of the frame, but also check the freehub bearings by holding the cassette as the wheel spins.  Make sure you spin it the right way!  The wrong way is hard on fingers.


Derail the chain and give them a spin.  If there is any cause for concern, pull the cranks out and turn the bearings by hand to feel for notchiness or even seized bearings.  Worn plastic caps are a sure sign the bearings have already given up.

Shockcraft has a wide range of replacement bearings and complete bottom brackets for mountain and road bikes.


Clean around the seals and push the forks up and down.  Check for stanchion tube damage, oil leaks and play.  Leaking seals can sometimes just be dirty. A strip and clean may be enough to make them seal properly.  If not, Shockcraft has replacement fork seals, oil and tools for the job.

Rear Shock

Same again.  If your air shock is losing pressure between rides, then place it underwater and look for bubbles.  Shockcraft has o-ring sealed valve caps and genuine FOX air-sleeve kits to help combat air leakage.

Rear Suspension

While you have the shock off, see how smoothly the linkage runs.  If it's notchy, the bearings are likely shot.  You can replace individual bearings, pairs or complete sets.  If you are unsure of the application or sizing, we can help.

With the rear shock in place, rest your fingers on the linkage to shock pivots while you lift/lower the bike.  If you can feel any play the bushing in the shock eyelet is likely worn out.  You can generally replace the bushings twice before the original hardware is also worn and needs replaced. Shockcraft can supply replacement custom shock hardware.

Bearing Greases

To complement our existing bearing range Shockcraft has a new range of bearing greases targetted at specific applications, making your pre-emptive, periodic and reactive maintenance even easier.  The greases are delivered pre-packed in dispensing syringes with reusable screw-locking caps to keep the grease and your toolbox clean.

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Shockcraft Bearing Greases