Assembly Grease

Assembly grease is for servicing and assembling suspension components, perfect for wiper seals, bushings, orings, etc.

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  1. 100 g tub of Motorex Bike Grease 2000 with applicator brush attached inside the lid

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  2. 5g squeeze tube of Slickoleum assembly grease

    Manitou part code: 20-32819 Learn More
  3. Rockshox Dynamic Seal Grease tube.
    Approx 10g of green grease in a mini squeeze tube
    For use in Rockshox rear shock air cans. Learn More
  4. Motorex Grease 2000
    400 g cartridge for European size grease guns and bulk refills

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  5. 1 ounce tub of Slickoleum assembly grease Learn More
  6. 15 ounce tub of Slickoleum assembly grease Learn More
  7. Clear assembly paste for installing carbon fibre parts into aluminium frames (and vice versa) Learn More
  8. Get Super Smooth Suspension with Supergliss, Slickoleum & SKF Seals.  Our fork service party packs include the oils, grease and tools specially selected by Shockcraft to help make your forks run smoother.

    STEP 1: Buy fork service party pack & SKF seals (select your SKF kit/s here)
    STEP 2: Get together with your riding buddies & service forks
    STEP 3 (most important): Enjoy the ride!

    Motorex fork oils & lubricants are also available at a lower price in 1 & 4 litre refilled bottles

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  9. High quality USA made Dualco grease gun by Motorex Can be reloaded with any grease 86 cc capacity Excludes grease Learn More
  10. Grease Gun (Dualco)


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  11. Superseded by:

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