ABS+ R7, M30 & Markhor Damper Kit (Manitou)

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ABS+ compression damper kit for Manitou R7, M30 & Markhor forks.
Fully tunable and revalvable.
25mm green piston and M26.5x1.00mm cap threads.

Manitou Part Code: 141-26532-K001



ABS+ damper kit for upgrade or repair.

Fitment: M26.5 x 1.0 mm cap threads, 24.8-25.9 mm piston
Fits some Manitou Black forks 2002-2005.
Fits all Manitou R7 forks 2006-2018
Fits all Manitou M30 forks 2016-17
Fits all Manitou Markhor forks 2018+

Tune: ABS+ production XC stack (CV-11411-03).  Fully tunable and re-valvable to fit any rider weight or terrain.