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Fox FLOAT Inline

Service pricing for the Fox FLOAT inline shocks is provided below.  Further information on these shocks and available parts, lubricants, upgrades and tuning from Shockcraft is over here.

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  1. Service pricing for Fox FLOAT Inline rear shocks
    Includes labour, consumables (seals & fluids)
    Optional air sleeve kit, eyelet bushings & shim shuffle (tuning)
    Excludes additional repairs, repair parts and tuning parts.

    Standard Service without air sleeve kit - damper service for younger shocks which have foamed up damper oil but still fresh air seals.
    Standard Service with air sleeve kit - routine service for younger shocks which need damper and air seal service.
    Complicated Service with or without air sleeve kit  - service for older shocks and those leaking damper oil out via the top-knobs.

    Shockcraft can also fit genuine FOX seal kits on request where these are available.

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  2. Normally you book your fork, shock or dropper post for a Shockcraft service and send it when you can.  We service parts in the order that they arrive.  In busy times this can mean up to a month with a bike in pieces and no riding.

    With our new Book Now, Send Later option you can keep your place in the queue and we tell you when we need your fork, shock or dropper.  Use our Carrier Kereru (Pigeon) Pickup service and we'll organise courier collection.  This can bypass much of the downtime.

    See our Terms & Conditions below. Learn More
  3. Shock Eyelet Pressing

    From: US$13.53

    To: US$20.30

    A pressing service using our custom tools which remove and install bushings and bearings without damage to your shock.   If you'd like us to replace the bushings in your rear shock eyelet, click Book Now.  You can select just shock eyelet pressing or other service options.  You will receive a job number and details of where to send your rear shock.

    Note there is no charge for shock eyelet pressing if completed during a Shockcraft service.

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  4. A Shim Shuffle is changing the stock tune in a fork or shock damper to another factory pre-configured tune.  For example changing a medium tune to a firm tune or a soft tune.

    It is only available with a fork or shock service where factory tunes are published.  It does not include any shims or parts, they are charged separately if required.

    This charge is for shim shuffle as part of any compatible fork or shock service.

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