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Seal kits for RockShox rear shocks.

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  1. RockShox Deluxe/Super Deluxe A1 Service Kit (SRAM)


    Available on backorder

    50 Hour service kit for RockShox Deluxe and Super Deluxe A1 shocks
    Contains air can seals, air can wiper seals, assembly grease and oil sachet
    SRAM Part Code: 00.4315.032.615

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  2. RockShox SVC KI AUTOSAG Can Seal Kit (SRAM)

    Air-can service kit to fit RockShox Monarch shocks with Autosag fitted to Specialized bikes.
    Includes backup rings, quad-rings, o-rings and assembly lubrication.

    SRAM Part Code: 00.4315.032.480 Learn More
  3. Air can seal kit to fit RockShox Monarch Debonair rear shocks SRAM Part Code: 00.4315.032.540 Learn More
  4. Full service kit to fit RockShox Monarch Plus B1 (2014+) rear shocks
    Fits both RC3 and R versions of this shock

    SRAM Part Code: 11.4118.038.002

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  5. Service kit for RockShox Monarch RT3 2013 rear shocks Kit includes seals, backup rings, bushings & schrader valves SRAM Part Code: 11.4118.015.000 Learn More
  6. Seal kit to fit RockShox Monarch/Monarch Plus high volume air cans (has a different glide ring to the kit for the Debonair)
    SRAM Part Code: 00.4315.032.250 Learn More
  7. Seal kit to fit RockShox Monarch/Monarch Plus single layer air cans SRAM Part Code: 00.4315.032.240 Learn More
  8. Rockshox Super Deluxe A1 200H Service Kit (SRAM)


    Available on backorder

    200 Hour service kit for Rockshox Super Deluxe A1 shock SRAM Part Code: 00.4315.032.617 Learn More
  9. Includes air can seals, spacer & grease for air can service SRAM Part Code: 00.4315.032.220 Learn More
  10. SRAM Part Code: 00.4315.032.370 Learn More
  11. Travel check o-rings for installation on fork stanchions or shock bodies below air can
    Black nitrile rubber
    Appearance is matte black

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11 Item(s)