Retro Rear Shock Springs

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Retro rear shock springs both new and pre-loved, listed by spring rate (pounds/inch), usable stroke, free length, condition and colour

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Rear shock springs with various spring rates (pounds/inch), usable strokes (inches or millimetres), lengths (millimetres), condition (grade) and colours.

Spring Rate (stiffness) is used to select springs for different riders and/or riding conditions.

Springs must be selected to work with the diameter of your shock, the stroke/preload and overall length. 

Condition Grades:

1.  Aesthetically rough but still functionally sound.
2.  Some major cosmetic marks.
3.  Showing signs of use or moderate cosmetic marks.
4.  Almost new condition, showing signs of fitment or minor cosmetic marks.
5.  New and unused.

Preload (turning the threaded collar to tighten the spring) is used to fine-tune the ride height and can compensate for small differences in rider weight and/or riding conditions.