Shockcraft Service Terms and Conditions

1.     Job Number: Shockcraft takes no responsibility for parts sent to us without a confirmed booking and Shockcraft Job Number.
2.     Abandonment & Disposal: After 60 days of no communication your parts will be deemed abandoned and will be disposed of.
3.     Contractor's Lein: Shockcraft has a lein over any parts serviced or supplied.  We will not return your parts until payment is arranged to our satisfaction.
4.     Shipping Liability:
(a)   Parts are the customer's responsibility until delivered to and accepted by Shockcraft.  We recommend sending parts via a tracked and insured courier service.
(b)   Serviced parts will be sent to customers via tracked and signature required courier.  A courier tracking number will be provided to the customer at the time of shipment.
(c)   If the serviced parts are found to be damaged on arrival, please take photo(s) of the damage and packaging and notify us immediately.
(d)   If the serviced parts are not delivered in an appropriate time-frame please notify us.
5.     Cost of Service:
(a)   A minimum charge of $45 (incl GST) applies for all parts received for service.
(b)   Upon inspection and assessment by Shockcraft an estimate of service cost can be provided to the customer.  This is only an estimate.  Costs will only be finalised when the job is completed and shipping method known.
6.     Guarantee of Workmanship & Parts:
(a)   Shockcraft guarantees the work performed.  The customer has three months from the date of service to identify and notify Shockcraft of any problems.  The parts must be returned to Shockcraft for inspection.
(b)   New parts are warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship at the time of service.
(c)   There is no warranty on used parts or any of the customer's existing parts.
(d)   Surface Damage: Any damage (prior or following service) to sliding and/or sealing surfaces, including stanchions, shafts and shock bodies, will void this warranty.
(e)   This warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, racing, incorrect installation or incorrect adjustment of the product.  Neither does it cover wear and tear or failure of parts or components not supplied by Shockcraft.
(f)   Remedy is limited to the repair/replacement of parts supplied by Shockcraft and labour performed by Shockcraft.
7.     Decline of ServiceIf parts received by Shockcraft are deemed to be non-servicable the customer can either pay return freight for the parts to be returned to them or have Shockcraft dispose of the parts.
8.     Payment: Shockcraft will only return parts to the customer once all money owing is paid to Shockcraft's satisfaction.
         Payment may be made by Visa, Mastercard or Direct Deposit.
9.     Fluids Used: Unless specific instructions are provided by the customer, Shockcraft will use factory weights and volumes of oils/greases in service
        of parts.
Date: 28 May 2015