Manitou McLeod

The McLeod was a new shock for 2015 based on a completely new concept.  It is simple, lightweight and offers rebound adjustment alongside a compression adjustment that also increases pedalling platform.  The McLeod was available in imperial sizes and metric eyelet sizes.  Trunnion versions are not available at this time.  They feature an air-spring with captive negative air and a damper that can be rebuilt at home. 

The McLeod was named after a favourite trail building tool: the McLeod Fire Rake.  It's unique shape is featured on the graphic.

Manitou McLeod

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Shock Details & Identification:




Inline air shock with shim-stack damper




Black anodised with blue rebound knob and black IPA lever.


2015 Imperial sizes
2019 Metric eyelet


Red M hollow or filled in for aftermarket.
Various for OEM


Shim stack compression and rebound damper. 

Rebound adjustable via blue knob and internal needle.

Compression adjustable via IPA (Incremental Platform Adjust) lever which preloads internal shims

i2i Sizes

6.0x1.25" (152x32mm)
6.5x1.5" (165x38mm)
7.5x2.0" (190x50mm)
7.875x2.0" (200x50mm)
7.875x2.25" (200x56mm)
8.5x2.5" (216x63mm)
190x40mm Metric
190x45mm Metric
210x50mm Metric
210x55mm Metric
230x60mm Metric
230x65mm Metric


Air spring with captive negative chamber

Dual layer King-Can available as option for higher air volume


Convert to external remote with a cable bracket and return spring.  Can use MILO 2 position remote or alternative.

Eyelet Sizes

1/2" (12.7mm) eyelets on both ends
Comes with 08DU08 DU bushings installed


Can adjust IPA compression range internally by rotating shaft in head.
External grub screws control IPA clicks, IPA start point and rebound open range.


IFP piston upgraded, original was grey, replacement was red


King-Cans are size specific.
Not available for 152x32mm version. 
190x50 & 200x50 share a king-can.

Service & Tuning Options:

Standard Service
with no
air can seals


Damper service for shocks which are in good condition but have foamed or degraded damper oil.
Price includes labour, damper fluid, damper seals and consumables; excludes air seals and any repairs.
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Standard Service
air can seals


Service for shocks which are in good condition.and have no internal contamination.
Price includes labour, damper fluid, damper seals and consumables; includes wiper seal and quad-ring air seals. Excludes any repairs.
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Standard Service
complete Manitou
rebuild kit


Service for shocks which require every seal to be replaced.
Price includes labour, damper fluid, consumables and a complete McLeod rebuild kit #142-31535-K001 Excludes any repairs.
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Make your McLeod even better with these upgrades.


The King-Can is a high volume air-can with two internal positions for medium or high volume.  The need for a higher volume can is usually determined by your bike linkage design.  If the correct air pressure and response gives you too much sag then you need more air volume.
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The yellow piston has a tiny bypass hole drilled in to reduce the platform feel.  Great for those wanting a less taut feel.  Coming soon.

Shim Stack

Reshim your McLeod at home or have Shockcraft do it for you.  Custom tuning coming for compression and rebound.

Fluids & Pressures:


Maxima 5 wt fork oil in damper - bleed full with shaft at full compression.
300psi in IFP
Slickoleum grease in air-can.

Shockcraft Recommended

Motorex 2.5 wt fork oil in damper - vacuum bleed.
Shockcraft Hot Oil Pink for heavy & hot usage.
300-500psi in IFP depending on leverage & impact speeds.
Slickoleum - air piston & seals