Vorsprung Tractive Shock Tuning

Vorsprung TractiveTractive is Vorsprung Suspension's own tuning system for the Rockshox Monarch Plus RC3, SuperDeluxe Air and SuperDeluxe Coil shocks.  It currently only works with these three, but will expand to other models in time.

This tuning system can only be installed by Vorsprung Elite Tuning Centres like Shockcraft.  It replaces the internal valving in the damper with new sets configured specifically for your bike frame, weight, terrain and riding style.  Offering great benefits in ride quality, traction, comfort and control.

The Tractive tune price of $390 includes the components, tuning and installation with a damper service.  Not included in the price are air-spring seals or any additional repair parts required.  We will advise if we find anything out of ordinary.

To book a Tractive Shock Tune by Shockcraft please complete a fork service booking form: