Unharsh & Matrix Tune for RS Pike/Lyrik Charger 1 Damper (Shockcraft)

Custom tuning combined with damper modifications (Unharsh Modifications & Matrix Tune) for Charger 1 RC & RCT3 damper RockShox Pike & Lyrik forks.

Send us your damper and we will modify and tune it to your weight and riding style.

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Available to both NZ & international customers



Unharsh Modification & Matrix Tune:

This is a set of modifications for the Pike Charger dampers combined with internal tuning (revalving) to make the fork work for your weight, terrain and riding style.  This gives you more comfort, control, traction and speed.


•    Eliminates spiking, fixes harshness & improves ride quality; especially at speed and on choppy terrain.
•    Allows full travel and fast response with correct air pressure.
•    Improves traction and response while keeping bike composed on rough ground at speed.
•    More control and stability for heavier and more aggressive riders.
•    Lets the fork work correctly and use more travel for lighter riders.
•    Makes the LSC knob usable without harshness, especially on the RC models.
•    Usable LSC gives you less diving, less wallowing and better traction.
•    Rebound damping to suit your weight and spring type, giving more traction and control.

$NZD265 incl GST ($NZD230.43 for international customers)
Includes service, excludes additional parts if required for repair.

These prices are for damper only modifications & tune (i.e. you send us your damper and we modify/tune).  If you would like Unharsh modifications, tuning and service for your whole fork this is also available.  Pricing is $NZD348 incl GST and includes fork strip, clean & oil change, using Motorex oils & Slickoleum grease.  Replacement parts are additional.  Simply book your fork in for service and tuning here.

Return Freight (for damper)

New Zealand from $15 incl GST
Australia $NZD29 (excludes GST, international tracked courier, delivery in 2-6 working days)
Rest of World $NZD49 (excludes GST, international tracked courier, delivery in 2-6 working days)

Notes for International Customers
Yes we will modify & tune dampers sent from overseas.
International customers don't pay 15% New Zealand GST (goods and services tax)

Sending from overseas: if the declared value of your parcel is more than $NZD400 (approx $USD280 & $AUD380) NZ Customs will charge GST & customs fees and these costs would need to be passed on to you as the customer.

Some countries have import duties and taxes which are not covered by our freight service.  You will need to enquire about these in your country.

Customer Feedback
Absolutely loving the bike now!  The fork stays up in it's travel a lot better as you said it would.  It's a fair bit firmer than before yet still quite comfortable and isn't harsh or diving whilst hard on the brakes on rough terrain.
- Sam
(Lyrik with Unharsh Mod & Matrix Tune plus Vorsprung Luftkappe)
I've had a few rides with my new fork now and wow the difference in feel is noticeably better, damper side is much more controlled now and no more harshness indeed.
Definitely what I was expecting, so thank you and I might send you my partner's fork for a tuning too ;)
- Alex
(Pike RCT3 with Unharsh Mod & Matrix Tune)
Just been for a spin. That’s an amazing piece of engineering. Way better than the stock damper in steep rooty terrain at speed. 
I’m really impressed.
- Tom
(Lyrik RCT3 with Unharsh Mod & Matrix Tune)
Very impressed with the tune of my Pike forks. Mid stroke harshness is now gone. What surprised me the most tho is the plushness on high speed compression however the forks don't dive on the likes of the fast berms at Dean's Bank in Wanaka so i'm able to carry better speed through those corners. Really happy thank you.
- Marco
(Pike RC with Unharsh Mod & Matrix Tune)
So I thought that I would weigh in with a long term test report. Because its gone a little different than I would have thought. My first impressions around home were that nothing had really changed. So to counter this, I threw out all my old settings, ditched all the tokens and set things up from scratch.

Without the tokens, the fork appears to work slightly deeper in the stroke. But with the pressure dialled in to the correct natural frequency, the overall changes felt minimal - To the extent that I don’t think I’d spot them in a blind test.

Out on the trail everything seemed pretty similar and i began to feel some disappointment creeping in. However - And this is a big however - That first ride had me set personal bests on all my favourite trails - And I’ve continued to set personal bests, on every trail i’ve ridden since! So after the initial mixed feelings, I’ve come to the realisation that I was trying to fix a very specific problem - what the fork was doing under extreme circumstances - so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it functions largely the same most of the time.

My hypothesis is that the bike is now tracking the ground substantially better in the rough stuff. So my internal traction control system has been bumping its upper limit and allowing things to get more rowdy. I’ve been riding faster, and have more confidence on the limit. The ragged edge is now a lot more manageable.

So thats where I’m at - Feeling really positive about my riding. Feels like I’ve been doing some of the best riding of my life. I think phase 2 might be installing a Luftkappe to improve small bump compliance, and then maybe tuning or replacing the rear shock.
- Simon
(Pike RC with Unharsh Mod & Matrix Tune)