Smashpot Coil Conversion for Fox 36 2015+ (Vorsprung)

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Vorsprung Smashpot coil conversion system for Fox 36 forks
Fits 2015+ Fox 36 forks with M34x0.8mm top-caps.
Includes adjustable hydraulic bottom-out system
Spring rates available from 30-80 lb/in.
Will not fit E bike forks with smaller ID stanchions and caps.
Requires strip down, tools and oil to install
Can be installed as part of any Shockcraft service (book here)


Core Assembly with Foot Stud for Fox Forks   +$382.00
Fox 36 2015 & Later   +$43.50

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The Smashpot from Vorsprung Suspension replaces your entire forks air spring system (left leg internals) with a full length coil spring and externally adjustable hydraulic bottom out (HBO) system.

Coil springs offer performance that doesn't give a damn about temperature or altitude.  They have great mid-stroke and incredible small bump compliance.  The elimination of the air spring seals greatly reduces friction and the spring side now uses 100-110 cc of lubrication oil.

Yes it is heavier than air.  Weight matters most when you're talking about it.

Fox 36 2015+:
M34 x 0.8 mm top-caps.
130-180 mm travel set internally with spacers
Riders approx 45-125 kg
Core components can be used  in other compatible forks with new caps and feet.