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Parts to fit DVO suspension.

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  1. DVO Diamond Wiper Seal Kit 35mm (DVO)
    Kit contains one pair of wiper seals and one pair of felt/foam rings
    Seal markings FAA206-20 RXWT000089

    DVO Part Codes:

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  2. One pair of 35mm felt/foam rings.

    35 mm x 3 mm Learn More
  3. DVO Jade X Rebuild Kit (DVO)


    Backorder ex-NZ Supplier

    Rebuild kit for DVO Jade X Coil shock.
    Contains seal-head, bladder, bladder cap, piston band and o-rings.

    Shockcraft Part Code:  DVO-191-9010

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  4. HD Shock Shaft 14mm 65 Stroke (DVO)


    Backorder ex-NZ Supplier

    Shock shaft Heavy Duty for DVO Coil Shock
    14mm Dia, 65mm max stroke.
    For spare or repair.
    Fits rebound needle 191-1024-65-SP

    Shockcraft Part Code:  DVO-191-1017-65-SP

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  5. Rebound Needle for HD 14mm 65 Stroke (DVO)


    Backorder ex-NZ Supplier

    Rebound needle for Heavy Duty 65mm shock shaft in DVO Coil Sho
    For 65mm max stroke. 
    Fits shock shaft 191-1017-65-SP

    Shockcraft Part Code:  DVO-191-1024-65-SP

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  6. Topaz Air Damper Rebuild Kit (DVO)


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    Topaz Air Damper Rebuild Kit (DVO) Learn More

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6 Item(s)