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Brakes from Hayes

POWER PERFECTED: Hayes strives to deliver the most powerful brakes on the market with unrivaled feel and modulation.  Because making power is easy, it's power controlled that sets Hayes apart.

Since 1950 Hayes has been a brake company.  In 1997, Hayes revolutionized the mountain bike industry with the introduction of the first MTB hydraulic braking system: the dual piston HFX Mag.

In 2000 Hayes 6 bolt hub and 74 mm post-mount standards were published as open standards for the industry to follow.

For a decade Hayes ruled the MTB brake market but then they went quiet.  They were still making excellent brakes, like the MTB Pryme, Stroker and Radar, but keeping a low profile and focusing on other industries.

Another decade went by with Hayes quietly developing and testing a world beating MTB brake, with an unmatched combination of power and control.

In 2018, Hayes released a new brake to change the market: The Dominion.

Endless power, amazing fine control, super easy setup and easy bleeding.
  The Dominion is the best brake available for MTB.  It's a big claim and one we're happy to prove.  Demo brakes are available.

The Dominion is now a family of brakes, with A4 4 piston, A2 2 piston and SFL (Small Form lever) versions of each.  203, 180 or 160 mm rotors available.