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Manitou Cable Routing

The reverse arch on Manitou forks makes cable routing for our right-hand-front brake systems less than obvious. We've seen some atrocities. So here is how we run them. It's simple, clean, gives no chafing and hasn't snagged a cable in 14 years.

Run the cable from the brake caliper up the inside of the LH fork leg (Photo 1) and out the front.

Run a smooth arc right above the tyre and to the lever on the bar (Photo 2). You may need to rotate the lever and/or hose in the lever to get this to sit nicely.

Take one zip-tie of at least 150 mm length and strap the cable to the leg where it naturally crosses. The more recent forks have a cast in boss on the back with a hole which this zip-tie can pass through to keep it located vertically (Photo 3).

You're done.

Manitou Cable Routing - Photo 1Manitou Cable Routing - Photo 2Manitou Cable Routing - Photo 3

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