We are OPEN
We have a backlog of orders to ship and emails to reply to.
Please bear with us while we catch up, response times may be a little slower than usual.

Live Service Queue

Please wait one moment while our live service queue loads.

Active Service Jobs

The below jobs are in our service queue, with those to be serviced next at the top.  The first number shows the position in the combined fork/shock/dropper post queue.  If this queue number is 0 then we are awaiting parts to proceed with the job.  The queue includes jobs that have already arrived and those that were booked using our Book Now, Send Later option (queue number highlighted red).  Jobs are serviced in the order they are received, unless the Book Now, Send Later option has been selected, in which case they enter the service queue as at the date they were booked.  Customers using the Book Now, Send Later option are emailed when their part is in position #10.  Note that for efficiencies we will sometimes batch service similar models.

Awaiting Arrival

The below service jobs have been booked but not yet arrived at Shockcraft.  Job # is shown at left, with Brand & Model.  Not all jobs show a brand and model as customers do not need to provide this during booking if they are not sure.