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Remotes & Lockout

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  1. MILO (Manitou Integrated Lock Out) complete kit
    Remote lever, cable & shock mounted cable-stop to convert Manitou McLeod or Mara Inline to remote compression adjustment
    Lever included is two position.  Can be used with other levers.

    Manitou Part Code: 142-31535-K027 Learn More
  2. MILO (Manitou Integrated Lock Out) lever kit for rear shock or repair
    Kit includes 2 position handle-bar lever, cable & cable housing
    Manitou Part Code: 141-31975-K003

    Learn More
  3. O2 Pro Quick Flip Kit Complete


    Last One Left

    Complete remote kit for X-Fusion O2 Pro rear shocks
    Inlcudes remote lever, cable guide and rebound knob

    Not compatible with older X-Fusion O2 rear shocks

    X-Fusion Part Code: 42-XRKPRLRRC-501 Learn More
  4. Remote reservoir cannister for Swinger 6-way coil rear shocks Manitou Part Code: 83-2972

    109 mm overall length, 25 mm ID. Learn More
  5. Remote reservoir hose kit for Manitou Swinger 6-way coil rear shocks
    160mm long braided hose with M9x1.0mm female fittings crimped on.

    Manitou Part Code: 85-6280

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5 Item(s)