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Pick & Mix / Ready Mix Tunes

Pick & Mix Self Tune Kits

Introducing Shockcraft's Pick & Mix Self Tuning System

Pick & Mix is a unique self tuning system engineered by Shockcraft, that gives you the internal suspension tune you need.  It enables technically minded riders and bike shops to install Shockcraft designed and tested tunes in MTB suspension with only normal suspension service tools.  It allows riders to Pick & Mix from a rack of compression and rebound tunes calculated to fit their riding style and preferences.

Pick & Mix tunes installed by Shockcraft into your new or serviced suspension are called "Ready Mix".

Why Do You Need a Pick & Mix Self Tune?

Because even the best dampers are a compromise.  They cannot give each rider the compression and rebound damping curves they require to stay stable, offer support and eat bumps.

If you are outside the weight and riding style or terrain the suspension is designed for, then your compromises are far bigger. 

Shockcraft Pick & Mix allows you to step right past those compromises and get a result that is most of the way towards a custom damper tune.  Unlike a custom tune, you can install Pick & Mix at home or in your workshop for your customers.  You can also tweak it.  It's not one tune, you get multiple compression and rebound tunes to Pick & Mix.

Signs Your Existing Suspension Tune Isn't Right

The biggest sign is that setup is difficult:

•   You are out of range (too fast or too slow) on at least one adjuster.
•   Small changes make bigger differences than they should.
•   Rebound feels too fast sometimes and too slow others.
•   Compression feels harsh sometimes and wallowing others.
•   You have to go too soft or hard with air pressure to work around the damper.
•   You can get it feeling good but can't get full travel.

Benefits of Pick & Mix

Pick & Mix Self Tune is a bolt-in kit that allows you to custom tune your suspension.  At home!  And it accounts for your bike geometry, weight and riding style.

Then you still get to choose from a group of dyno tested rebound and compression tunes.

•   You're a Sport class rider but you want a bit more support – no problem.
•   You're a Race/Rowdy rider but you don't want to be beaten up on long races – no problem.
•   You like your rebound to be more poppy and playful than normal – no problem.
•   You want your rebound to be stable and planted at all times – still no problem.

Pick & Mix Self Tune Features

•   A physics calculator that takes rider weight, bike geometry and riding style to generate a tune grade.

•   Tuning range covers riders from under 40 kg to over 100 kg.

•   Model specific hardware modifications and shim kit that bolts in.

•   Tuning drawings which lay out the shim stacks for each tune (paper drawings to scale)

•   5 grades using a total of 7 compression and rebound tuning options.

•   Each rider is provided 3 compression and 3 rebound tuning options.
•   Compression damping options are self explanatory and include options either side of your target - Firm, Target, Soft.
•   Rebound damping options allow you to choose a sticky (digressive), neutral or poppy (progressive) rebound tune - Sticky, Neutral, Poppy.

•   Shim kits which cover the required tune range.  Shim sizes and thicknesses have been chosen so you don't need to accurately measure them.

•   Pictorial instructions for stripping, re-valving and reassembling the shock damper.

•   Tool, fluid and torque lists.

Pick & Mix McMara Self Tunes

Pick & Mix Self Tune KitOur first rear shock Pick & Mix Self Tunes have been engineered for the Manitou McLeod and Mara Inline air shocks.  The McLeod was a ground-breaking shock that redefined what a small and light shock could do in 2014.  The Mara Inline is a second generation covering all metric fitments released for 2021.  Mara & McLeod Inline shocks are light, tough, punch well above their weight and being inline shocks, have no fitment issues.  They can be rebuilt at home and are the perfect air shocks for 90-95% of the mountainbike trails worldwide.

Our Pick & Mix McMara Self Tune for the Mara Inline & McLeod has:

•   7 different compression and rebound tunes spanning 5 different grades.
•   Grades suitable for <40 kg children to >100 kg Dadzillas.
•   Choice of Trail or XC feel.
•   Genuine Manitou piston required and included.
•   Compression & rebound tunes matched to spring-rates.
•   Each tune dyno tested.  Selected tunes extensively test ridden.
•   Rebound has the right combination of playfulness, poppiness and plantedness
•   Compression matched to stay stable, supportive and suck up bumps.
•   Huge changes in feel, speed and confidence.
•   Tune from lightweight cruisers to heavy hitting bruisers.

Learn More:   McMara Pick & Mix Self Tune

Ready Mix Tuning

Ready Mix Tuning is our unique Pick & Mix tuning system but the Picking, Mixing and Install are done by Shockcraft for you.  New Manitou Mara Inline shocks are available stock or Shockcraft Ready Mix tuned.  It's ready to ride and we ship worldwide.  If you already have one of these shocks we can install during service.  

Learn More:   Mara Inline with Ready Mix Tune   |   Mara Inline & McLeod Service & Ready Mix Tuning

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  1. Shockcraft Pick & Mix Self Tune kit for Manitou McLeod and Mara Inline rear shocks
    Enables technically minded riders and bike shops to install Shockcraft engineered and tested tunes in the Manitou Mcleod and Mara Inline shocks with only normal service tools

    Riding a Manitou Mara Inline or McLeod with McMara Pick & Mix Self Tune you'll notice huge changes in feel, speed and confidence. You'll get the right combination of playfulness, poppiness and plantedness, with the shock stable, supportive and sucking up bumps. Our tunes cover the range from lightweight cruisers and low leverage bikes to heavy hitting bruisers and high leverage bikes; from kids to Dadzilla's.  Each kit delivers a target tune for compression and rebound, but also optional softer/firmer compression tunes and stickier/poppier rebound tunes to Pick & Mix if you're feeling curious.  There is a further choice of Trail, Open or XC platform adjustment with every kit.

    McMara Self Tune Kits include a specific damper piston, shims & paper drawings with a rack of tunes
    Installation instructions are provided in PDF form here
    Your tune grade is determined by your weight, suspension leverage, bike geometry and riding style
    The Pick & Mix Calculator takes these inputs and determines which grade tune fits you best
    The kit allows you to install this tune or to choose firmer, softer, poppier or stickier tunes versions to suit your riding style and preferences

    IMPORTANT: Purchase with our Pick & Mix Calculator to receive a voucher code
    Use this voucher code in the Pick & Mix Calculator to determine your kit tune grade

    We have included a list of recommended and optional items for working on your McLeod or Mara Inline shocks

    King Cans
    KIng cans are recommended for shocks with a stroke of over 50 mm, especially on progressive suspension linkages.  More linear bikes with shocks of more than 50 mm stroke may be okay without a king can.  Our Mara Inline king cans are listed here, McLeod king cans are listed here.

    Our Pick & Mix Self Tune is also available pre-installed by us - check out our Ready Mix Tune options Learn More
  2. This calculator takes rider weight, bike geometry and riding style to generate a tune grade for your Pick & Mix Self Tune Kit

    Purchase with your Pick & Mix Self Tune Kit and a voucher code will be emailed to you for a one-time use in the Pick & Mix Calculator (see below) Learn More
  3. Manitou Mara Inline rear shock with Shockcraft Ready Mix Tune
    Metric & Imperial Eyelet or Trunnion sizes available

    The Mara Inline is light and simple rear shock that fits almost everything and can be rebuilt at home

    The Ready Mix Tune is our Pick & Mix Self Tune with the picking, mixing and install already done for you.  With the Ready Mix Tune you will get the right combination of playfulness, poppiness and plantedness.  The shock will be stable, supportive and suck up the bumps.  You'll feel huge changes in feel, speed and confidence.  There is also a choice of Trail or XC feel.

    Note on Shock Availability:
    Most sizes are in stock with Manitou USA (190 x 40/45 mm are not currently available) with select sizes stocked here at Shockcraft.  Place your order now to reserve a Mara Inline in the next batch of shocks arriving from Manitou USA for Ready Mix Tuning.

    Shock Stroke Change
    There is no charge for stroke change for stock Mara Inline stroke sizes.  e.g. if we have a 210 x 50 mm shock in stock but you need a 210 x 55 mm shock there is no charge to change the stroke.

    Shock Length Modification
    We also change shock length of new Mara Inlines at no additional charge.  e.g. we can change a 190 x 50 mm to 185 mm x 45 mm. Learn More
  4. Service and tune pricing for Manitou McLeod & Mara Inline rear shocks
    Includes labour, consumables (seals & fluids)
    Optional air sleeve kit, eyelet bushings & Ready Mix Tune
    Excludes additional repairs and repair parts
    We can change travel or stroke of shocks during service and/or tune for an additional charge

    The Ready Mix Tune is our Pick & Mix Self Tune with the picking, mixing and install already done for you

    Standard Service with air sleeve quad-rings (included in Consumables) - periodic damper service for shocks which have need an oil change but air-can is still clean inside
    Standard Service with air sleeve kit - required when dirt or mud has pushed past the air-can wiper seals
    Complicated Service with quad-rings or air sleeve kit  - full service including resetting of shim preload.  Air can seals depend on dirt ingress

    Learn More

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4 Item(s)